Several years ago, security systems with cameras, sirens, and facial recognition are almost exclusively used by businesses and particularly wealthy homeowners. Thanks to the advancement in modern technologies, however, smart security cameras are now becoming more affordable than ever. Below, you can read the 10 Best Outdoor Security Cameras 2020 that can help you ensure the safety of your household.

What we will discuss in this article include:
• The design and build quality of each camera here
• Whether the camera is easy to set up or not
• The features and capabilities of each model
• The video quality and overall performance of each camera
• The weaknesses of each model, if any

1. NetgearArlo Pro 2
Since it requires a budget of about five hundred bucks, NetgearArlo Pro 2 is easily one of the more expensive options in the market. However, it is totally worth the money. You will not compromise on any aspect of your home security. It has exceptional ease of use, detection, and deterrence.

The NetgearArlo Pro 2 outdoor security camera is quite versatile when it comes to powering. There are three different options available. First, you can use it wirelessly by using batteries to power up the camera. Second, you can use it plugged in, which is ideal when you want to mount it on an exterior wall. Third, you can use it with a solar panel, which is sold separately.

NetgearArlo Pro 2 has excellent build quality. The housing is really sturdy and rugged. In addition, it is fully weatherproof, so you don’t need to worry about bad weather. NetgearArlo Pro 2 already has built-in event detection. It can live-stream its feed to your smartphone and provide notifications on detected events. NetgearArlo Pro 2 can provide a three-second look back to let you review what was happening before the alarm was set off.

Furthermore, the camera has automatic night vision and a powerful 100-dB siren. You can control the siren remotely through your smartphone. In addition, it can be integrated to Alexa, Google Assistant, Echo Show, and Fire TV. The company provides free cloud storage for your recordings. Perhaps the only weakness is that it is quite expensive – but, again, you get what you pay for.

• 1080p Full HD recording
• Powerful siren to alert neighbors and scare off intruders
• Excellent build quality with weatherproofing
• Versatile powering potions
• Free cloud storage, works with Alexa, Google Assistant, etc

• Quite expensive

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2. Blink XT
Blink XT comes with a sleek design and great features that typically come with premium models, yet without a pricey price tag. Blink XT is a great choice for people who want a simple, affordable outdoor security camera to monitor their home.

The camera unit is fully weatherproof, so it is suitable for indoors and outdoors. It can connect with up to 10 other Blink units, so you can easily set up your own home security network. It doesn’t involve any subscription fee. Free cloud storage for your video files is included.

Blink XT can operate continuously 24/7 because it has built-in night vision which is quite powerful and reliable. It is powered by a pair of AA batteries and connects to your home’s Wi-Fi. You can monitor your home’s surrounding easily through your computer. It can also be programmed to send alert notifications with video feeds to your smartphone. To make it even more amazing, it is compatible with Amazon Echo so that you can operate it remotely by voice commands.

• Decent night vision
• Powered by batteries
• Has Wi-Fi and mobile notifications
• Free cloud storage
• Very affordable price tag

• Only 720p maximum resolution

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3. Ring Floodlight
If you are living in a Ring ecosystem, or if you don’t have an outdoor light yet, Ring Floodlight can be an excellent solution. The features and performance are really great, but keep in mind that you only get the full functionality if you subscribe to one of the service plans. The service quality is exceptional, but if you don’t want to subscribe to anything, this is not for you.

Anyhow, this security camera is integrated with two LED floodlights that are mounted on pronounced arms. You can move the arms independently. The lights together provide a total brightness of 3,000 Lumens, but since the shades are cone-shaped, the light beams don’t spread around too much. The design actually makes it ideal for an installation on your home’s terrace, just beside the front door or something like that.

Only with a subscription that you can get video clips on the mobile notifications. Without a subscription, you won’t be able to download the video recordings. The subscription also enables the Neighborhood feature, which will allow you and your neighbors to share video clips so that other people can know when there is a criminal activity or hazard.

• Great video quality
• Very nice design and useful floodlights for outdoors
• Well-designed mobile apps and smart features

• Requires the subscription for the full capabilities
• The floodlights can’t be controlled via voice commands

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4. Nest Cam Outdoor
Nest is a well-known name when it comes to smart home systems. This product is ideal if you are looking for a smart outdoor camera that works with Alexa or Google Home. Besides, the Nest ecosystem alone already offers comprehensive features and capabilities.

Nest Cam Outdoor is a weatherproof camera that can withstand any weather condition. It is backed by one of the slickest companion apps available for security cameras. The cloud storage can store up to 30 days of footage, and is among the most reliable and accessible. Unfortunately, you need a subscription for most of these features, and the subscription is rather expensive.

Still, the integration of this camera with other Nest devices, such as thermostats and door locks, is the thing that sets this product apart from the competition. The video quality, performance, and mobile access are excellent.

• Excellent video quality
• Very smooth integration with other Nest devices
• Works with Alexa and Google Home
• Powerful mobile app
• Excellent subscription services and cloud storage

• The subscription is rather expensive

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5. Reolink Argus 2
Reolink Argus 2 is quite large and bulky. This camera is not exactly a discreet camera. So, people who really want to trespass into your home may be able to see the camera and adjust their plan accordingly to avoid getting seen. However, on the positive side, having a visible security camera can already discourage most trespassers who aren’t prepared.

This camera has two-way audio. It can live-stream to your iOS and Android devices. The video is in 1080p Full HD, and is really sharp and crisp. In addition, it has built-in motion detection and night vision, and you can configure it to start recording only when motion is detected.

The unit is well-built. It has IP65 waterproofing, so it can withstand any weather condition. In addition, it is battery-powered, so it does not require any power cord or dedicated power outlet.

• Excellent 1080p Full HD recording
• Solid build quality and weatherproofing
• Has two-way audio, motion detection, and night vision
• Completely wireless and battery-powered

• Quite large and bulky
• Requires batter replacement from time to time

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6. NetgearArlo Q
NetgearArlo Q shares some similarities to NetgearArlo Pro 2. It offers an instant appeal of being a discrete outdoor security camera. It is also backed by a well-designed mobile app with excellent features, including push notifications and live view. It works with Wi-Fi, but it has a power cord and requires a dedicated power outlet.

The video resolution is 1080p Full HD, and it comes with two-way audio. Another great thing about NetgearArlo Q is that it comes with free 7-day cloud storage. The cloud storage will automatically erase the oldest files to make room for new recording. However, it doesn’t have a memory card slot, so it is only suitable if your home has a wireless network.

• Compact, discreet design
• 1080p Full HD recording
• Excellent mobile app
• Free 7-day cloud storage

• Doesn’t have a memory card slot
• Requires a power outlet

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7. Netatmo Presence
Netatmo Presence is a sophisticated outdoor security camera that is integrated to a floodlight. Whenever motion is detected, the floodlight can turn on. This is an excellent way to scare off a trespasser. In addition, the motion detection is phenomenal.

This camera is smart enough to differentiate the movement of an animal, a vehicle, and a person, so that it can effectively reduce false alerts. The build quality is impressive, with an all-metal casing and weatherproofing. Then again, the distinctive design may make it look incongruous, depending on where it is installed.

However, this model only has one-way audio, which means that you can’t speak through the unit. For storage, it is quite flexible. It can save its recordings locally or on the cloud storage. It is an IP camera, so you can access it remotely to see the 24/7 live view through your mobile device.

• Effective floodlight
• Records in 1080p Full HD
• Phenomenal motion detection
• Can save recordings locally or on the cloud storage

• Bulky design which may look incongruous
• Only one-way audio

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8. Logi Circle
If you are looking for a quick and simple solution to monitor your home or office, Logi Circle makes a fine choice. Well, this product also requires a subscription if you want to get the full functionality. But it is really worth the money, as long as you can benefit from the services.

The unit is compact. The camera swivels on the magnetic base, so it can see around. It works with a built-in battery, which means that it is truly wireless. You don’t need any power cord at all. It records in 1080p Full HD.

Logi Circle comes with free one-day cloud storage. Indeed, the capacity is limited, but this is still better than no free cloud storage at all. You can subscribe to a service plan with a larger capacity. It has the Day View feature, which will give you the highlights of the day’s events. Unfortunately, this unit is not weatherproof. So, you can only install it on your terrace in place that is protected from rain and snow.

• Records in 1080p Full HD
• Swiveling camera
• Completely wireless, works with a built-in battery
• Free one-day cloud storage

• Not weatherproof
• Requires a subscription for full capabilities

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9. Canary Flex
Canary Flex is an excellent security camera with balanced features. But it is really great for outdoor installation. It supports two powering options. Depending on your preference, it can be plugged to a power outlet or work with batteries. It is quite compact and easy to install.

The battery life is exceptional. It can last for about 2 – 3 months per battery set. The build quality is great, as the housing is very rugged and durable with tough weatherproofing. Canary Flex is also an intelligent unit that can send alerts to your mobile phone.

Additionally, Canary Flex works with Alexa. It records in Full HD. It has automatic night vision that turns on when the environment has become too dark. The mobile app has one-touch emergency services to help you react quickly to a dire situation.

• Records in Full HD with automatic night vision
• Can work with batteries or plugged in
• Long battery life
• Great mobile app
• Exceptional build quality

• Quite pricey

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10. Lynx Solar
Lynx Solar is a great outdoor security camera if you need something that can operate independently, but it is not exactly discreet. It is powered by integrated solar panels. On the positive side, you don’t need any lengthy power cord, and the unit can operate continuously without running out of power. But not all places have a good climate that allows the use of solar panels.

Lynx Solar comes with free 7-day cloud storage. However, if the network access is down, it can store video recordings locally for up to 3 days. This model also supports motion detection and can send alerts to your smartphone.

• Doesn’t require a power cord or batteries
• Decent video quality
• Motion detection
• Free 7-day cloud storage
• Can record locally for up to 3 days

• Really large and bulky installation
• Solar panels may be unsuitable in some paces

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