We are going into the Internet of Things era. It is now so much easier than ever to set up a smart home system with excellent security features. You can now control your locks and monitor your home from any location through your smartphone. Below, we have gathered the 5 Best Home Security Companies 2020 that you should consider.

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• Which home security company that is suitable for you

1. Ring
Ring is one of the latest home security companies in the market. Simply put, it is amazing. It provides a starter kit which already includes a hub, keypad, contact sensor, and motion detector. You can add additional sensors to track things like window opening, doorbells, and outdoor security cameras for comprehensive security measures. And that starter kit is only $199, so you aren’t going to break the bank.

Furthermore, Ring also offers other smart products, such as Alarm Smoke, CO Listener, Alarm Flood & Freeze Sensor, and Dome Siren. Ring is currently working on allowing other smart devices, such as locks and light bulbs, to connect to your system, so that your entire home can be truly connected.

Ring sells their professional monitoring service separately. So, if you prefer to monitor your home by yourself, you don’t need to subscribe to the professional monitoring service – but you will need to notify the police by yourself when there is a break-in. With the Ring Protect Plus monitoring plan, which costs only $10/month or $100/year, you can get professional monitoring that includes police and fire department dispatch when needed, push/email alerts, and unlimited cloud storage for recording files.

Another cool feature of Ring is the Neighborhood. This feature allows you to share videos of recorded events with your neighbors who also use Ring’s products and have joined the Neighborhood. This way, you can get an alert whenever a neighbor shares a video, and whenever there is a police activity or fire in your area. This also allows neighbors to watch for each other.

The Ring system is very easy to install, thanks to the clear and detailed getting started guide. You can start by downloading the Ring mobile app and creating a new account. Then, pair the base station hub by entering your Wi-Fi’s SSID and password. From this point, if you choose to sign up for the professional monitoring, you need to verify your address; otherwise, just agree on the Terms of Service to continue and add the other devices.

The overall user experience is excellent. The mobile app is smooth, responsive, and intuitive to use. You can easily monitor all components of the system, which responds quickly to your commands. While in the Home or Away mode, whenever a sensor is triggered, the system will instantly react with a loud siren and flashing red LEDs. The mobile app will also provide a screen through which you can quickly disarm the system.

• Easy and simple installation
• Great security features
• Cheap professional monitoring with unlimited cloud storage
• Loud siren

• Currently lacks integration with some other smart devices
• Doesn’t support IFTTT and voice commands

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2. Nest
If you prefer a completely DIY system so that you don’t need to spend money every month, Nest is definitely one of the very best solutions available. Nest’s products are suitable for those who want to set up and manage their own smart home systems.

Nest Secure will give you a central hub plus a satellite Nest Detect sensor and a motion sensor for monitoring your doors, windows, and other areas. In addition, there is a separate Nest Tag device which will allow people or pets to pass without setting the alarm off. You can add as many sensors and cameras as you wish into the system.

Nest is a company that is exceptional in making functional and stylish products. The central hub, which is called Nest Guard, is a relatively small round unit which is only 3.7 inches wide and 2.1 inches tall. It comes with a matte white finish, and the low-profile design will allow you to fit it wherever you want. On the top of it, there are 12 backlit buttons and an LED ring. The Nest Detect sensors are compact and lightweight, too.

The system is very easy and intuitive to use. It can provide voice-activated instructions to tell you a variety of things, such as how much time you have until the system is armed into the Away mode and whenever a sensor is triggered. The back end of the Nest Guard also has a Panic button, which will sound the alarm in case of an emergency.

The performance of the system is almost flawless. The Nest Guard always reacts instantly whenever a motion is sensed and whenever a Nest Detect sensor is opened. The Nest Tag device has never failed to disarm the system when you are coming in. Push notifications and email alerts are really fast. Unfortunately, although the siren is loud enough to be heard throughout the house, it is not loud enough to alert the surrounding neighbors.

The Nest Secure kit is quite more expensive at $499, compared to some other smart home security kits, such as Ring and SimpliSafe. Furthermore, the Nest Detect sensors are also quite costly at $59 each. But the features and quality of the products are great. Initially, Nest doesn’t provide any professional monitoring service, but you can now get it through an optional subscription with Moni which costs $29 per month (or $19 per month with a three-year commitment).

• Compact and stylish design
• Easy installation
• Handy multi-purpose sensors
• Has an optional professional monitoring service

• Can be quite expensive
• Doesn’t support IFTTT

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3. Vivint
If you want a flexible smart home security system that can work with other intelligent systems, such as Alexa and Google Assistant, Vivint is the right one for you. There are various cameras, sensors, doorbells, smart locks, and thermostats available for you to create exactly the set-up that you want. This is especially great if your home doesn’t yet have smart devices.

However, you can’t install Vivint by yourself. You will need to have it professionally installed – which is probably a good thing to make sure that everything is set correctly. Furthermore, the professional monitoring is bundled along with the hardware purchase. The base system costs $549 and includes the SkyControl touchscreen panel, two door/window sensors, and a motion detector. You can add additional sensors as needed, and then you will have to choose a service plan.

Vivint has two service plans available. First, the Smart Protect plan costs $39.99 per month to provide 24/7 professional monitoring and the full services of the mobile app including alert notifications. Second, the Smart Home plan costs $49.99. It allows you to add things like doorbell cams, door locks, and thermostats. It also allows you to control home automation with voice commands through the mobile app, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

Unlike Ring’s doorbell, which is so bulky, Vivint’s doorbell actually looks just like regular doorbells. People won’t know that your doorbell has a security camera. Plus, Vivint’s doorbell can use the existing wiring, and it is equipped with a tiny microphone and a small yet powerful speaker for two-way communication.

Vivint’s system is great in terms of security. The sensor and motion detectors are accurate and quick. You can get immediate notifications whenever a door is opened after a certain hour of the day. Live videos from the cameras are crisp and sharp with decent contrast. The professional monitoring will notify the police or the fire department when an alarm is set off and you don’t answer their call.

Vivint is also awesome for home automation tasks. It can lock and unlock doors automatically. You can create custom rules to lock all of your doors at a certain time of the day, and also to turn on and off your lights at specified times. The thermostats can be programmed to follow your heating schedules without any problem.

• Solid control for locks, sensors, thermostats, and cameras
• Excellent video quality
• Very fast event response
• Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
• Flexible custom rules for home automation

• Must subscribe to a monthly plan
• Can be quite pricey

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4. Zmodo
Zmodo is another option if you want a completely DIY option without professional monitoring in order to save some money. Unlike Nest, Zmodo is actually very affordable and budget-friendly. With a hundred bucks, you can already get for wireless indoor/outdoor cameras.

The build quality is exceptional. The cameras are really solid and rugged, and they all are waterproof. That said, keep in mind that Zmodo cameras require dedicated power outlets, and they can only work with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi using either WPA or WPA2 encryption. To protect your privacy, all images and videos are encrypted with AES 256-bit and secured with TLS.

The cameras capture videos in 720p HD. Although it is not Full HD yet, the image quality is surprisingly good. It is sharp and detailed, with accurate colors. In addition, the night vision is adjustable with a maximum range of 80 feet. Unfortunately, the motion detection is not very sensitive, so the system may not detect subtle movements in the dark.

Zmodo provides a cloud service with three pricing tiers. The free option can save 10-second alert videos with a total capacity of 36 hours. The $4.99-per-month option allows continuous recording and has a total capacity of 7 days of alert videos. The $9.99-per-month option allows continuous recording and has a total capacity of 30 days of alert videos.

• Decent image quality
• Exceptional night vision
• Large storage
• AES 256-bit encryption & TLS to secure images and videos
• Has a free option for the cloud subscription

• No sound detection
• Doesn’t record videos (only still images on a trigger event)
• The motion detection isn’t very sensitive

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5. SimpliSafe
SimpliSafe provides a home security hub which contains sirens, alarm monitoring, and sensors to detect movement, fire, flooding, and various natural disasters. It is literally just one device that is loaded with lots of sensors, although there is also a security code keypad which you can use to arm and disarm the system and you can also add external cameras.

Since you only need to set up one base hub, the installation is very easy and the cost can be kept at a minimum. You don’t need any special drilling or wiring. This makes an ideal option for people who want to save money. However, by keeping the sensors in a single unit, SimpliSafe is generally only suitable for an apartment or a small home.

SimpliSafe initially only supports cellular network, which has its own strengths and weaknesses, but Wi-Fi support has been added to devices of the latest generation. Connecting the unit to your home network is quite easy and straightforward. Adding external cameras can also be done relatively quickly. By subscribing, you can also use third-party integrations with Alexa, Google Assistant, August smart locks, and Nest learning thermostats.

The home monitoring subscription is actually not mandatory, but you will need this in order to use the full features of the web app and the mobile app. The subscription costs $15 per month. On the positive side, the subscription doesn’t involve any contract, so that you can change or cancel the plan at any time.

Unfortunately, the web app and mobile app have some quirks. The user interface is very plain. They look like bare-bones. The online dashboard doesn’t automatically log you out after inactivity, which is terribly bad when you forget to do so.

Nevertheless, the 24/7 professional monitoring service is great. Whenever your alarm is triggered, the base station will alert the monitoring center. They will then contact you and other designated family members or friends. You can disable a false alarm by giving a predetermined safe word; otherwise, they will dispatch the police or fire department to your home.

• Affordable devices and subscription
• Very quick and easy installation
• Supports Alexa, Google Assistant, some third-party devices
• Excellent professional monitoring service
• The subscription doesn’t involve any contract

• Very plain web app and mobile app
• Doesn’t automatically log out after inactivity

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