American Lock vs Master Lock

Lock is a very useful tool as they can add a security level to your application, ensuring only those authorized can have access to the properties or using the unit. There are lots of locks to choose such as those from American Lock Vs Master Lock. These popular brands are convenient options for general use as they are easily accessible and affordable. For those who want to get one of their locks, go check which can be the better option below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What are Padlock Types
  • How to Choose a Padlock
  • What are American Lock and Master Lock
  • What American Lock and Master Lock Look Like
  • How are the Specification of American Lock and Master Lock
  • What Material American Lock and Master Lock are made of
  • How are the Keys of American Lock and Master Lock
  • American Lock Vs Master Lock


Living in a society with other people both those we are familiar with and those we never have interaction with will certainly build a sense of insecurities. You will never know what will happen in the future and sometimes being ready is better than sorry. To secure properties, items, belongings, etc. locks were created by our ancestors and due to their usefulness, these security tools are still being used today, just with better systems and convenience. Shopping for the best option however, will require some time and factors to consider. 

One of the security gear we have been using for various applications is padlock and we are sure most people have one or a pair of them around whether they are being used or just kept as a backup security option. The reason why padlock is very popular is due to the convenience because unlike other locks for example deadbolt which are permanently attached to your door, this one can be installed and removed anytime without much fuss while also being affordable for many.

There used to be only one type of padlock available and it is the keyed type but combination padlock has been very popular for the last several decades as a more convenient option in key-less operation. As the name suggests, keyed padlock will require a physical key to unlock its shackle while those combination types such as Master Lock 175D Vs 178D are locked and unlocked through a combination key that usually consists of more than a pair of numbers for example 3 or 4 digits.

 American LockMaster Lock
Product Dimensions4 x 2 x 1.5 inches

5.6 x 3.5 x 0.8 inches
Item Weight 4 ounces

3.2 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Choosing a Padlock

When buying a padlock, there are various factors to consider so we can choose the best for the certain application and first is probably the price point. Consider the assets we are going to protect or whether they are easily removed from the site because securing your empty land doesn’t require a hundred dollar padlock. If there is something valuable and can be easily removed or stolen, investing in a higher option will be wiser to ensure the resistance.

As price ranges vary, they are mostly based on the material of the padlock itself but in general steel is what is often being used to make one but, they can be made from other materials as well such as brass, zinc, alloy, stainless steel, or aluminum for an intermediate level of security. Another part to consider is their size because greater or larger padlocks will offer higher security as well but measure the opening or slot in which you will be inserting the shackle because sometimes we can mismatch the sizes.

About American Lock and Master Lock

If you have decided which padlock will benefit your application the most, now is the time to see what the market has to offer and here where things can get very complicated as you will see tons of choices out there. Many of us don’t really pay attention to the brand when shopping for a padlock as we prefer to choose them manually but if you want to save time, deciding what brand to shop from will cut the shopping process greatly.

Talking about consumer lock brands, American Lock and Master Lock will be two of the first names that come to our mind due to their well-known brand reputation. We are sure most people are familiar with these manufacturers as they are very popular but from the security level wise, these brands are more into the beginner to intermediate levels as most are made to be convenient and useful rather than high resistance. For a light job however, they should carry the options that fit with your needs.

You can find lots of different locks offered by these brands but today, we are going to focus on their padlock especially the more popular keyed padlock such as those in our sample picture above. These models are a very affordable option for lighter security needs because you can get them at around $10 or less depending on the current sale. These basic locks will be very useful for locking your basement doors or bicycle when parked outside for a moment.

At this price point we can’t ask much because you get what you paid for which is a standard padlock and here these models are very easy to use without any fuss. American Lock and Master Lock may not offer the best padlocks for higher levels of security but their locks are acceptably good and working well. Aside from security applications, many also use them for picking practice in case you have this plan as well, thanks for being cheap so we don’t have to think much when getting one.

American Lock and Master Lock Model and Design

Depending on which model you choose, today we are talking about American Lock A1106 and Master Lock 141, the shape and size will vary too. For these models, as you can see, the former has a taller clearance to provide more room for anything that will be placed inside the shackle while the latter is fairly short and this asks for a close or short distance application between one edge to the other such as for hasp or overlapping chain lock.

Serious looking padlocks usually have silver or brass color but with American Lock and Master Lock, you can have various different shades to choose not only yellow and black. Especially with American Lock, there are literally a plethora of options both those in single color and two tone variants. The latter also have several shades but not as much and similarly, the color code will follow at the back of the model name such as 141D for black shade and A1106YLW for yellow variant.

American Lock and Master Lock Specification

As it has been mentioned above, size matters and here both of these padlocks are very similar to each other. The width of their shackle or its thickness is equally 6mm with a room between two shackles at 20 and 21 mm respectively while the height of the shackle or room by height are 38 compared to 22 mm. While it has more clearance, the American Lock has a slimmer body in general by only spreading at 38 mm compared to wider Master Lock at 40 mm.

The higher clearance allows American Lock to have a longer distance between one ends to the other for example when paired with a chain which is too short and can’t overlap the ends, this model should give some additional length to be able to properly hold the chain together. For application with hasp however, both should be equally useful as there is no need for additional length yet, shorter shackles are faster to remove compared to longer variants.

American Lock and Master Lock Material Type

Moving to their material part, these padlocks are also quite different here because American Lock claimed that this model is made from anodized aluminum combined with chrome plated, boron alloy shackle which are actually pretty good for the price point. The anodized aluminum body makes the padlock suitable for usage in food processing facilities as it is also corrosion resistant, so it can be ideal for tough environments. On the other hand, Master Lock doesn’t really disclose what the lock is made of.

But, in most cases this may be some type of steel and in this model it is covered with vinyl to ensure long lasting ability against corrosion or scratch. Similarly, American Lock and Master Lock are also using the same hardened steel shackle to provide an extra protection against cutting or an attempt to damage the shackle directly including when using saw.

American Lock and Master Lock Key Pin

The last point we want to mention is their key and here these padlocks seem to have the similar 5/4 pins keys respectively but with 6 holes on the former, which is very standard for a light to medium security level. These, however, should be enough for a common lock picking and they are not the easiest to pick as well because the more the pins, the more difficult as well for unauthorized users to open the lock. Both will also come with two keys for each variant.

American Lock vs Master Lock

For this price point, we can’t ask much from the padlock and either American Lock or Master Lock are equally great choices for light to medium security level. They are pretty much similar to each other but American Lock specially the A1106 is made from anodized aluminum as well as has a higher clearance for the shackle in which the latter has a wider body and has covered main lock to prevent corrosion. American Lock has 6 holes for 5 pins compared to Master Lock with 4 pins, making the former slightly more difficult to pick.

- Heavy duty service with a durable non-flecking finish
- 1/4" diameter with a 1-1/2" vertical clearance
- Safe for use in food processing operations
- Corrosion resistant finish for tough environments
- Four-pin cylinder and dual locking lever mechanism for pick and pry resistance
- One padlock, two keys (matching color key head for added convenience)
- Indoor and outdoor padlock is best used as a gym lock providing basic protection and security from theft
- Key lock is constructed with a black vinyl-covered aluminum body for scratch and corrosion resistance, hardened steel shackle for cut resistance


You can go with either of them because they are equally reliable but, if we are to choose, we do prefer the American Lock specifically this A1106 model as it has a higher shackle clearance and has 5 pin to be more secured, moreover, it is made from anodized aluminum for better durability as well.

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