Arlo Pro 2 vs Nest

Security cameras have been very popular in the last decade where people need to feel more secure thanks to the wide usage of wireless technology. With a good cameras at home, we can always in check of what’s happening even when we are away. For those who also need one, Arlo Pro 2 vs Nest are two good options to pick due to their reliable quality. To see what they can offer, go check our article below before purchasing one.
In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a security camera
– What are Arlo Pro 2 and Nest
– What Arlo Pro 2 and Nest Look Like
– How are the Video and Audio Quality of Arlo Pro 2 and Nest
– What else Arlo Pro 2 and Nest can offer to you
– Arlo Pro 2 vs Nest

Security Camera
Since long time ago, crime is one of the many reasons why we don’t feel secure all the time because we never know when there is a threat approaching us. Some people may able to protect themselves and their family but there are also many of us who can’t defend ourselves when there is a criminal planning to assault us. While we should avoid direct contact with them or try looking for help from the law enforcement first, sometime crimes can happen when we are away as well.

Do you feel insecure every morning when leaving the house or your private properties. If the answer is yes, then it is probably better to start using a security camera both inside and outside the house so we can always in check of what’s happening around when we are away. In the past, we used to see security cameras only installed in rich people’s mansion or public places but today, almost all people can afford one for their house both for monitoring and security reason.

The biggest and probably the most obvious reason why people are starting to install a security camera in their house especially outside like in front door or in your backyard is to deter crime because when placed in such an obvious place, those who plan to do bad things such as break in your house and steal things will think more and abort their plans for their face could be already recorded by the camera. In addition to scare criminals, they are very useful to monitor scenarios and activities.

It is equally beneficial for house and office to make sure we can monitor those who come and go from establishment as well as what they are doing. Another powerful benefit of using a security camera is to gather evidence because video footage can be very reliable evidence when there is crime happening caught by the camera as long as they have an automatic saving ability. Modern day cameras that are marketed for security system usually have several capabilities inside to be more convenient.

However, what attract people most of the time is how easy getting them setup since they are made to be used by non-professionals. What we need to do is placing the unit, providing the power and then connect them through available app from our smart devices like tablets or smartphones. Since they are working wirelessly, we also need a reliable connection at home to get a real time notifications.

 Arlo Pro 2Nest
Product Dimensions9.9 x 9.7 x 5 inches
3.5 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches
Average Install Time10-15 minutes

4-6 minutes
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Arlo Pro 2
With the rising demands from users not just here in the US, manufacturers begin to introduce or launch new devices more often and this can be confusing for a first time buyer looking at which the perfect product for their purpose is. However, if you need a quick solution to get the perfect choice, try checking what the market is currently talking about. For those who need a good quality camera that can be placed anywhere without having to think about its power source, Arlo Pro 2 is a nice model to pick.

Just like the name, it is the new version of the older Pro which is very similar to this model and the original Arlo camera. It is indeed quite expensive for a home security camera but also has some useful improvements from the initial model namely the rechargeable battery and a better camera resolution. But, if you think this version is too expensive, the original model is still available for purchase about half the price; check them out on Nest Security vs Arlo here. Compared to Pro model, this version is coming with a better video quality.

Arlo Pro 2 Design
Unlike some similar cameras out there, Arlo Pro 2 has a base in the same size like a small router that we need to place near the router in our house because it requires to be connected to the broadband router via Ethernet cable. The camera itself is in shape of giant eggs or oval shaped which looks kind of cute and modern. The plastic is sturdy and what we love the most is the casing is already IP65 rated so we can placed them inside or outside the house.

Arlo Pro 2 Video and Audio
Just like with any camera whether it is for recreational use, professional or for security purpose, the first thing we have to check is the video quality but you don’t have to worry because this model is already coming with 1080p video resolution which looks excellent in daytime viewing with a rich color, sharp and great image detail. When the sun goes down and the environment is dark, the camera will capture black and white footage with a reliable quality up to 25 feet.

To make sure we can get a dependable footage and know what’s going on better, Arlo Pro 2 also featured with 2-way audio capability with speaker and microphone on the camera to communicate with the people near it.

Arlo Pro 2 Feature
On the additional feature part, this model also have the motion sensor which sensitivity can be adjusted accordingly because it is very sensitive and will give you many alerts for example when the wind is strong out there moving those branches. In case you only need to monitor certain spot, we can also set the camera to only detect motion from a zone through the app. In addition, Arlo Pro 2 is compatible with Alexa and IFTTT as well as Amazon Fire TV Stick to make your life more convenience.

About Arlo Pro 2
We have so many good products to choose out there and before making up your mind to pick one of them, it is wise to also compare them with other models from rival manufacturer to see which the better option is. If you love what Arlo Pro 2 offer, but need something that not going to dry your budget, Nest can fulfill the duty as security cameras without the high price. The brand is also popular and currently offer several models in their collection.

The one we are talking today is their outdoor version which is suitable for both installation option but if you need those that can only work indoor or need a cheaper model they also have the one that doesn’t have any weather protection. People love this brand not only because they are dependable but also since they are owned by Google to make sure we have many options to connect the device with other smart home devices.

Nest Design
If you already see the indoor version of Nest camera, this outdoor model is pretty much different in design because if the other is slim and looks stylish, this one is rounded and looks like an egg, similar to the one from Arlo but is rounder in general. In addition, instead of fixed in a stand, there is a magnetic base we can screwed to a wall when installing the camera. What you need to keep in mind is Nest outdoor working with power cable so we have to also think about the power source.

Nest Video and Audio
Being a top security camera from the giant company, we can hope to see a reliable footage quality here as well. When you done installing the camera, the default resolution of their video is 720p but you can increase it to 1080p if needed and both resolutions are actually very good to the eyes. Thanks to the IR sensor, they are still as good when there is less lighting out there. In addition, it support up to 8 times digital zooming through the app.

There is a microphone on Nest outdoor camera so they will record footage along with the audio as well as talking through the device since it support 2-way audio. However, the audio tend to lag behind the video but it may be affected by the connection speed.

Nest Feature
Another thing we love from the camera is the smart motion sensor because it is capable of differentiating between people and animals which is very useful for an outdoor security camera to reduce the amount of false alerting. Thanks to being developed by Google, the app for this camera is top notch and easy to use. We can view live footage from the app and set a motion area up to 3 to decide which part we need to monitor more.

Now, let’s compare Arlo Pro 2 with Nest especially the outdoor camera. The prominent difference between both of them is their connection because Pro 2 from Arlo is wireless with rechargeable batteries while Nest need a cable to provide power. Nest is more affordable with the same video resolution and 2-way audio as well as motion sensor with certain area setting.

Arlo Pro 2 vs Nest

- Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately).
- 100% Wire-free - Free of power cords and wiring hassles
- Weather-resistant - Arlo Pro cameras are Weather-resistant so you can place them anywhere-indoors and out
- Rechargeable Batteries - Arlo Pro cameras include rechargeable batteries that support fast charging.Focus range (ST)
- Weatherproof outdoor security camera.
- Detects activity in 1080p full HD and sends notifications to your Nest smartphone app.
- Extra wide 130-degree viewing angle, capture all the action.
- Guards your home 24/7 with night vision, recording and streaming live footage up to 30-metres away.

All in all, the decision is all yours because we may have different preference and budget to spend. However, if we are to choose, we will pick Nest outdoor camera because not only it is reliable and has all the necessary feature, it is also far cheaper than Arlo.

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