Arlo Pro 3 vs Ultra

Probably the greatest advantage of a smart home is having the option to comprehend what is happening when you are not really there. Regardless of whether you are monitoring your children, pets, or an intriguing gem assortment, a home surveillance camera is an incredible instrument for watching out for things from far off. 

In spite of the fact that abilities change from gadget to gadget, indoor surveillance cameras permit you to screen what is happening in your home through live or recorded video. In any case, not all cameras are made similarly. 

Some have cautions or can send you warnings when they identify movement, some offer two-way sound, some are intended to screen your infant, and some even twofold as all-out home automation hubs. Arlo as of now makes the absolute best home surveillance cameras, and its newest expansion, the Arlo Pro 3, hopes to give shoppers one more alternative.

The Arlo Pro 3 records video at a resolution of 2K and offers color night vision, an implicit light, and an inherent alarm. Accessible for 499 USD, Arlo Pro 3 is neither the least nor the most costly surveillance camera in Arlo’s lineup.

In this article, we will be comparing Arlo Pro 3 to Arlo Utra. Which one of these two makes a better purchase.

Let us find out down below.

About the Gadget 

  • Arlo Pro 3:

While it might not have the best quality specifications, this camera framework is as yet great. It can record in 2K HDR, which is all that anyone could need for the vast majority, and it has comparative specifications compared to the Arlo Ultra. 

  • Arlo Utra:

Arlo Ultra framework packs in all the highlights you would anticipate from the organization’s best surveillance camera. 4K UHD video, double microphone commotion undoing, a more extensive field of view, and a more extensive temperature range make for a compelling home reconnaissance gadget. 

 Arlo Pro 3Arlo Ultra
Product Dimensions14.6 x 9.4 x 9.6 inches

7 x 7 x 7 inches
Item Weight 2.8 pounds

1 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Fundamental Features 

  • Arlo Pro 3:

In case you are searching for a brilliant top-of-the-line surveillance camera framework for your home, the Pro 3 should tick the vast majority of your boxes. It is weatherproof with an IP65 rating, which implies it is appropriate for the inside. 

You get high-resolutions pictures at 2K/1440p, and it includes a clamor-canceling microphone so you can plainly hear who is around your home and carry on a two-path discussion with them. Arlo cameras are commonly accessible in packs of two to four gadgets, combined with an Arlo center point or base station. 

This camera can work with a few diverse Arlo center points, rather than the Ultra, which just works with the center it ships with. 

  • Arlo Ultra:

The Ultra is fit for recording 4K video at 2160p and has a 8MP camera contrasted with 4MP on the Pro 3. Also, the sensor is somewhat greater.

The two cameras are fit for two-way sound and both element clamor cancellation. However, the Ultra uses two microphones for improved commotion cancellation rather than one for the Pro 3. 

The Ultra has a more extensive field of view (180 versus 160 degrees), and its movement identification abilities are better with two separate indicators checking a 150-degree flat range contrasted with a solitary finder at a 130-degree horizontal range. Both camera frameworks are equipped for accumulating 2TB of video locally through the center or base station, and both accompany a set measure of free Arlo Smart distributed storage.


The best quality model has the best specifications, however, that commonly includes some significant pitfalls. The facts demonstrate that the Ultra is more costly than the Pro 3, however, not by as much as you might suspect. 

The two-camera arrangement runs somewhat over 100 USD more for the Ultra than the Pro 3. That might be a sufficient obstacle for some, however, for the individuals who need the most elite, it presumably will not keep them down. 

Arlo Smart Subscription 

Included with Arlo Pro 3 is a free three-month preliminary of Arlo Smart, the organization’s distributed storage administration, which likewise gives subscribers extra highlights, for example, individuals, vehicle, creature, and object location, custom action zones, and e911 administrations. Arlo Smart expenses 29 USD every year per camera and allows you seven days of rolling distributed storage. 

Arlo Ultra accompanies a time of Arlo Smart Premier (99 USD per year for up to ten cameras), which has all the advantages of Arlo Smart, yet allows you 30 days of rolling distributed storage and boundless client care. In the event that you decide not to pay for any of Arlo’s Smart membership plans, you still get this distributed storage for free, which is a truly decent arrangement when contrasted with other surveillance camera distributed storage plans. 

Pros and Cons

Arlo Pro 3:

(+) More affordable than the Ultra 

(+) Compatible with more Arlo center points 

(+) Three-month Arlo Smart membership included 

(-) Lower quality sensors and resolutions 

(-) Less free distributed storage than the Ultra 

Arlo Ultra:

(+) Better picture sensors and resolutions 

(+) Double microphone cluster 

(+) More extensive field of view 

(+) Twofold movement finders

(+) Year-long Arlo Smart membership included 

(-) Most costly Arlo surveillance camera 

(-) Can only be used with included Arlo center

Arlo Pro 3 vs Ultra

- 2K video with HDR: zoom in on objects and see clearer details and colors in 2K HDR
- Integrated spotlight: light up the night and ward off unwelcome guests
- Fast and easy Wire-Free set up: magnetic mount makes it easy to install and adjust
- Image Sensor: 4 megapixels, Sensor Size: 1/3 inches, Max Video Resolution: 2560x1440 resolution
- 4K & HDR - Zoom in to see sharp details with Arlo Ultra’s 4K & HDR advanced image quality technology
- Enhanced night vision - See what’s lurking with color night vision allowing you to see video in color rather than traditional black and white
- Integrated spotlight - Light up the night and ward off unwelcome guests using Arlo Ultra’s integrated spotlight.Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2
- 180 degree diagonal field of view - See more with a wider angle lens that has auto image correction reducing the fish eye effect

Final Verdict 

Home security has truly ventured up in recent years and Netgear has delivered two great models at various value points in Arlo Pro 3 and Arlo Ultra. When choosing which model to get, it merits posing yourself some appropriate inquiries in order to show signs of improvement idea of what highlights will be justified for you: 

  • What is my home security spending plan? 
  • Do I have to put resources into any additional surveillance cameras? 
  • Do I need 4K resolutions or will lower video resolutions be sufficient? 
  • Do I have to have color night recording or highly contrasting will be sufficient? 
  • Is free distributed storage for video accounts significant?

On the off chance that you made it this far, you can tell that we would suggest the Ultra over the Pro 3. Both camera frameworks are awesome, and either would serve most people outstandingly well. 

It just appears to us that in case you are looking at the most premium gadgets from Arlo, that top-of-the-line subtleties matter to you. Since the frameworks are estimated seriously, that seals our choice to suggest the Ultra as Arlo’s best accessible surveillance camera.

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