Arlo Pro 4 VS Pro 3

Security cameras are very convenient because you can monitor an area even while away. There are also plenty of services that can improve the functionalities of security cameras such as the features offered by Arlo Pro 4 Vs Pro 3. These close siblings are very much similar to each other with a major difference and for those who want to shop conveniently, here we are going to talk about why you want to choose the Pro 3.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Install a Security Camera
  • What are Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 3
  • How are the Design of Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 3
  • How are the Video Quality of Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 3
  • How are the Setup of Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 3
  • What else Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 3 can offer
  • Arlo Pro 4 Vs Pro 3

Installing Security Cameras

There are so many modern devices that we can use to ease the job around the house and to make life overall more convenient. Some of them can be used to deter crimes or protect your property as well such as security cameras. Back then only upper class communities and public places used to have security cameras but nowadays almost everyone can have at least one in their house. The security cameras are getting more casual and also easier to install or use.

You can choose from a wide range of models and brands; some of them are even coming in a kit or set so we can place the cameras on several spots at once. What to note after buying a security camera is how to install them. In general the security cameras are usually plug and play but when it comes to placement we will have varying concerns about the spots or area and thankfully not everyone has to deal with thieves and break-ins.

Some of us just want to see the front door when a courier or delivery person is putting our package or having them indoors such as in the baby room to always monitor our child when we are away or currently working on different sides of the house. Think about the most concerning spot in the house or property and place your camera in an ideal angle where you want to see. Arrange the placement on a place where you keep an eye on.

In addition we can install the camera indoors or outdoors as well. When you want to install the camera outdoors, make sure that the device is also weatherproof. Many cameras today can be installed indoor or outdoor with a proper sealing, such as Arlo Pro 4 Vs Ultra 2. In addition, you can check their temperature range for the electronics to work since not all of us are living in the same place with the same weather conditions.

For those who want to put their cameras outdoors, the popular places to install the device are above the garage door or somewhere it can look over a front or back porch. For a garage camera, we have to choose those with a wide field of view to help cover a wide area as well. For the porch camera, we can angle it to look at the driveway or walkway in order to capture all movement on the place. You can also choose doorbell cameras such as Nest Hello or Video Doorbell from Arlo too.

 Arlo Pro 4 Arlo Pro 3
Product Dimensions3.15 x 131.89 x 92.52 inches 11 in x 8.25 in x 7 in
Average Install Time7-10 minutes

10 minutes
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 3

Now when you are ready to buy a new security camera, it is time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them out there. You can choose based on what you want the camera to offer such as resolution, field of view, the build and shape, or even the features that come with the product. Some cameras are also sold with premium plans to help users store their footage on cloud along with additional advanced features.

The thing to note is that they will also require additional cost so it is wise to think about how much you want to spend for the device and its services. When it comes to security cameras, there are few names that you can rely on and Arlo is one of them. This brand is quite famous for what they can offer and our favorite part is they have a reliable system. The cameras can be on the expensive part however but their features are what makes you want to install them.

Last year Arlo renewed their line of Pro cameras with Pro 4 which now comes as a single camera too instead of a set of two like some security cameras. The camera is actually very similar to Pro 3 and still houses the same technology, especially hard specs yet, Pro 4 can be more convenient for some. Side by side the Pro 4 is also more expensive so it is a bit confusing to decide whether you want to save a budget and go with the older model or choose the newer one by adding some.

In comparison, Arlo Pro 4 is improving the wireless connectivity so it is more convenient while for the Pro 3, it is very similar to the Ultra 2 but doesn’t have the resolution since these two are a lower 2K model. The Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 3 are pretty much the same camera with the same system and features. If you already have the Pro 3 cameras, we can buy Pro 4 as an add-on too, since the hub is compatible with each other.

Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 3 Design

Next let’s see the unit first and as you can see, the camera fashion itself stays the same. They look like an egg from the front but the whole housing is more oval, like a cup. What’s unique in our opinion is that the white housing and the camera inside can be separated for battery changing and charging. There is a button on the camera that we can press to pop the center off so the user can take it conveniently. This feature is not present on the basic or Essential model.

Another thing we love from Arlo design is their charging function because you can charge the camera using a magnet at the bottom and it locks in place as well as waterproof which makes it easy when you want to opt to use a long cable for continuous charging or adding a solar panel instead. You can also mount the camera in and outside of the house for the unit housing itself is waterproof.

Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 3 Video Quality

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 3 can offer starting from video quality but as it has been mentioned above, the hard specs of these cameras are the same. Video recording is up to 2K on the highest setting and they are 160-degree in field of view which should be enough to capture adequate area in or outdoors. The quality is impressive and you can see details very well too.

Yet, the best part in our opinion is when it comes to night vision because these cameras are very bright and can turn a dark situation into almost like with normal lighting. The audio quality is also good but when they are installed outdoors, do expect to hear background noise like wind moving branches or leaves since the microphone is not as great at filtering it.

Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 3 Setup

What separates the Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 3 apart mostly is their installation system because as you can see, Pro 3 still comes with a hub meaning that it can’t connect to the Wi-Fi directly which Pro 4 is fixing and now can be used without a hub. This makes the installation process more convenient but Pro 4 cameras are still compatible with the Pro 3 Hub so if you have the older variant and want to add another setup, we can buy Pro 4 and connect it to the hub as well.

The reason why people want to do this is because this hub houses a USB port where you can connect USB sticks with and record or store locally. Without the hub and option to do this, Pro 4 can only record and store on cloud which you have to own a paid subscription to access.

Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 3 Features

Talking about the subscription, this is where most of the features will be found. Without the plans, users can only enjoy live streaming and basic notifications on the app. By spending $3 for a single camera or $9.99 for up to 6 cameras, users can enjoy the rest of the features for Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 3 such as cloud storage, interactive notifications, person, vehicle, animal, package detection, call a friend, etc. These specific notification detection are very helpful to help you filter notifications.

Arlo Pro 4 Vs Pro 3

Both Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 3 are very similar cameras because they have the same resolution and video quality as well as features that can be found in the paid subscription. What makes them different is when you are installing them because with a hub it may take more time and not as straightforward compared to direct connectivity. But, removing the hub also means removing the local storage since this feature is not built-in to the camera itself.

- See a bigger picture - The security camera has a wide 160° diagonal viewing angle lens for auto image correction and reduction of the fisheye effect to make this surveillance camera ideal for protecting medium to larger spaces
- Capture clearer details - The wireless outdoor security cameras with advanced video quality that records in clear 2K HDR footage to let you see clearer details and zoom in on moving objects with clarity
- Light up the night - Ward off unwelcome guests with the outdoor camera using the integrated spotlight. See features like faces or license plates in full color, even at night, with color night vision
- Smarter alerts, quicker action - Receive notifications from your home security cameras for people, vehicles, and packages so you can take quick action such as sound the siren, call a friend or dial emergency services, with the included, Arlo Secure trial
- Zoom in to see sharp details - See and record video in 2K with HDR for a clearer, undistorted picture, day or night
- See colorful at night - See features like faces or license plates in full color, even at night, with color night vision.
- Smarter alerts, quicker action - Receive notifications for people, vehicles, and packages so you can take quick action such as sound the siren, call a friend or dial emergency services, with the included, Arlo Smart trial
- Respond quickly - Hear and speak to visitors at your door with clear, two-way audio


The decision is all yours because we may have different opinions but, personally we will recommend getting the Pro 3 because this camera is significantly cheaper and can record the same video quality as well as gives option to store footage locally.

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