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Are you interested in the Arlo Pro security camera? In this Arlo Pro review, we will discuss the features and performance of the smart security camera to help you determine whether it is worth your money or not. There are many reasons to love the smart security camera, even though it does have its own quirks.

Continue reading below to learn more about:
– The design and build quality of Arlo Pro
– The features and capabilities of the smart security camera
– Whether the mobile app is reliable and easy to use or not
– The video quality and overall performance of the camera
– The available cloud storage and subscription plans
– Whether Arlo Pro is recommended for the money or not

Arlo Pro is a high-end security camera from Netgear. It is weatherproof, so it can be placed indoor or outdoor. In addition, it is completely wireless, so you don’t need to deal with any cable or complicated installation. See also: Zmodo Review.

The camera needs to connect to a base station. You can use multiple Arlo Pro cameras and connect them to a single base station. Indeed, the camera and the base station are quite expensive, especially if you want to build a comprehensive system with multiple cameras to monitor all of the important areas around your home. However, the system is definitely dependable and very easy to use, so it is worth the money.

Arlo Pro is able to work with all other Arlo products, such as the indoor cameras, portable cameras, and security lights. But, if you don’t want to use additional devices, that’s fine. Arlo Pro is perfectly functional and effective even if working alone. It is great if you need an outdoor camera for securing a large property or if you need a security camera that can be moved around easily.

Design and Features
Arlo Pro has a functional and user-friendly design. The camera is put inside a high-quality plastic housing with a white finish. The housing is robust and entirely weatherproof. So, you can place it outdoor without having to worry about its survivability. In fact, it can even withstand torrential rain and heavy water sprays.

Arlo Pro is equipped with a 720p image sensor and a wide-angle 130-degree lens. It has an IR-based motion detector sensor. On the rear side, you can find the Micro USB charging port and a flap which hides the location of the 2440mAh battery. Note that the camera will be in the ‘sleep’ mode most of the time, as it only starts recording when it detects a motion in its field of view.

As mentioned above, Arlo Pro needs to connect to the base station. It won’t work if you don’t have the base station.

Base Station
The base station itself uses a special 2.4GHz frequency which can only be seen by the Arlo cameras. This is to reduce the risk of interference. The connection is highly reliable. According to the users, the Arlo Pro camera maintains its connection to the base station very well without dropping off. Other wireless security cameras often get disconnected from time to time. Meanwhile, the base station needs to connect to your home’s network by using an Ethernet cable.

While the camera unit does not have any memory card slot, the base station actually supports USB storage. So, you can attach a USB flash drive to the base station to save the recordings. This way, whenever the Internet access is down and the system can’t upload anything to the cloud storage, the recordings can still be saved on the local storage.

Furthermore, the base station is equipped with a built-in alarm. The sound is really loud, so it can alert the entire home and perhaps the neighbors when there is an emergency situation. You can set a different rule set for every camera in the system, so that not every camera will immediately set off the alarm.

Mobile App
The setup of the camera is done through the Netgear mobile app. You can find many useful features here. For example, there is a low-latency mode which provides the live view of the camera (it is not exactly real-time, but is still close enough). The live view is also handy for determining the right position and angle for the camera during the installation.

You can also adjust the motion detection sensitivity through the mobile app. This is useful for reducing false alerts. You can keep the sensitivity at a high level if you are watching an indoor space that is supposed to be empty when you are not at home. You can reduce the sensitivity for monitoring an outdoor area that has lots of movements so that only larger movements will trigger the camera to start recording.

You can also adjust the motion detection zone. This way, you can make the camera focus only on a certain part of its field of view. Again, this is useful for reducing false alerts, for example if there is a busy road within the camera’s field of view.

Finally, you can set the rules for every Arlo camera. You can activate the geofencing feature if you want the camera to arm automatically whenever you are not at home and to disarm automatically whenever you are home. You can also create a schedule if you want the camera to change its behavior on specific times. Although the whole process takes some time, the scheduling feature is certainly very sophisticated and reliable.

By the way, Arlo Pro is compatible with IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings, so it can integrate with other smart devices in your home. In addition, Arlo Pro can also work with Alexa and Google Assistant. So, it is very flexible and adaptable to any smart system that you already have in your home – just one exception, though; Arlo Pro is currently not compatible with the Apple HomeKit platform.

Video Quality and Performance
Although it ‘only’ has a 720p image sensor, the video quality of Arlo Pro is surprisingly very good. The images are really sharp and detailed, and the colors are really accurate. The wide-angle lens will allow you to see pretty much everything in front of the camera.

The night vision performance is also good and actually quite reliable. Well, the night vision range isn’t very far; it is only 20 feet at max. However, all things and people within the range are clear and recognizable. So, the night vision is truly usable.

The motion detection performance is excellent. It can be extremely sensitive if you don’t lower the sensitivity level. It will send a notification just because of the slightest movement, such as moving trees and flying birds. Hence, when placing Arlo Pro to watch an outdoor area, you should lower the sensitivity level so that it will only send a notification when a large moving object (such as a person) is detected.

However, the camera does take some time to actually start recording after detecting a motion. But the delay isn’t too long. Just make sure that the camera has a long line of sight so that, when an intruder is entering your environment, they will still remain in the camera’s field of view when the camera starts recording. This is usually achievable when you are using the camera to monitor your gate, garage, or front door.

Cloud Storage and Subscription
Netgear is quite generous with its cloud storage. You can use the free Basic subscription for up to 5 cameras. The Basic subscription will give you a cloud storage space of 1GB, and it will keep your video recordings for 7 days before they are deleted to make room for new recordings. You certainly have enough time to download important video clips.

If you need to use 6 – 8 cameras, but you don’t want to spend too much money, you can choose the Arlo Smart Add-On subscription. It only costs $2.99/month per additional camera. It also keeps your recordings for 7 days. Plus, it enables the advanced features like person detection, activity zones, and rich notifications on the camera.

If you want to use 9 or 10 cameras, the Arlo Smart Premier subscription is better. It costs $9.99/month. It allows you to use up to 10 cameras, and it will keep your recordings for 30 days. It also provides unlimited customer support and advanced features, including person detection, activity zones, rich notifications, and the e911 service.

If you want to use even more units, the Arlo Smart Elite subscription is for you. It costs $14.99/month and allows up to 20 cameras. It will keep your recordings for 60 days. It also provides similar features like the Premier plan, such as unlimited customer support and the e911 service.

- Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately) - Add-on Camera only - Base Station Required - 100% Wire-free and Weather-resistant- Free of power cords hassles to place your camera where you need it indoor or outdoor(IP65)

Arlo Pro is highly recommended if you are looking for the most durable and reliable smart security camera for outdoor use. The weatherproof housing is really rugged and durable. The Arlo system is one of the finest options in the market. It has excellent features and adjustable motion detection. The subscription options also offer great values.

Arlo Pro Review: Specifications
Video resolution: Adjustable, up to 1280 x 720 pixels
Imaging: Full Color CMOS sensor, auto-adaptive balance & exposure
Night vision: 850 nm LEDs with IR cut-off filter,max range 25ft
Video format: H.264
Digital pan and zoom: Up to 8X
Motion detection: Adjustable sensitivity
Notifications: Automatic email alerts & push notifications
Audio: Speaker and Microphone
Operating temperature: -4° – 113° F (-20° C – 45° C)
Weight: 136 g (4.8oz)
Dimensions: 79.3 x 48.6 x 70.5 mm (3.1 x 1.9 x 2.8 inches)
Battery: 2440 mAh rechargeable battery

Interface port: Fast Ethernet
Minimum upstream speed: 1 Mbps recommended
Wi-Fi: 802.11n, 2.4GHz
Antenna: Internal
Wireless range: About 300 feet in line of sight
IP configuration: DHCP
Processor: 900 MHz ARM Cortex A7
Memory: 128 MB RAM, 128 MB Flash
Operating temperature: 32° – 122° F (0° – 50° C)
Certifications: FCC, CE, IC, UL
Weight: 316 g (1.1 oz)
Dimensions: 58.6 x 174.5 x 126.5 mm (2.3 x 6.9 x 5.0 inches)
Indicator Lights: Power, Internet, Camera

Arlo Pro Review: Pros
– Highly durable weatherproof housing
– Customizable motion detection and alert rule set
– Can integrate with other smart devices
– Decent image quality and performance
– The free cloud storage service is very good

Arlo Pro Review: Price
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