Blink XT Review

Looking for a simple, budget-friendly security camera? In this Blink XT review, we will discuss about a smart security camera that won’t empty your wallet yet still offering decent performance and a nice load of features. Blink XT is a minimalist device which you can easily install in any place, indoor or outdoor.

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– The supported smart home services and integrations
– Whether you should get Blink XT or not

Blink XT comes in an inconspicuous body that measures only 0.9 inches x 2.75 inches x 2.75 inches. It has a nice-looking matte black finish and a glossy black lens bezel. Thanks to the compact and lightweight design, you can easily install the unit on any place needed. Plus, the black color is helpful for hiding the unit in plain sight, especially at night. See also: Blink XT vs Arlo Pro.

On the back of the unit, there are blue and green light indicators for the Wi-Fi and power status. However, you can actually turn these light indicators off in order to avoid giving away the security camera’s location. That’s definitely a nice touch.

Blink XT is completely wireless. It connects to your home’s network via Wi-Fi, and it operates on two AA batteries – one set is included in the box. The company claims that, in standard use (10-second video clips recorded up to 10 times per day), one set of batteries can last for about 2 years. That’s definitely impressive. Nevertheless, you can also use a Micro USB power cord if you prefer a plugged installation, although the cable is not included.

Video and Audio Quality
The Blink XT system consists of at least two devices: the indoor sync module and the camera itself. The indoor sync module serves as a Wi-Fi extender and also a central hub that can handle up to 16 cameras at once. The central hub communicates with the cameras by using a proprietary low-frequency radio (LFR) signal.

The camera is capable of recording in the 720p HD resolution. The field of view is about 110 degrees. The video quality is generally good and acceptable. The images are fairly sharp and detailed. The indoor videos are particularly clean with decent brightness. However, the outdoor videos aren’t very good when dealing with backlighting or dark shadows.

Actually, Blink XT has built-in infrared LEDs for night vision. However, the night vision performance isn’t really good. Even though the light intensity of the night vision is adjustable, it is very difficult to get identifiable details of a person while using the night vision in an outdoor situation. The indoor night vision performance is quite better with good details.

The built-in microphone in Blink XT is capable of capturing decent audio within 5 – 8 feet from the camera. The audio is quite soft, but it has good clarity. Outside the said range, the audio is hardly audible. Note that this model does not have a built-in speaker, so it doesn’t allow two-way audio.

Under the lens, you can find a large ball which actually houses the temperature and infrared sensors. Although Blink XT does not have sound detection or face detection, it already has motion detection that works very well. It will start recording and send a notification to your mobile phone whenever it detects a motion.

The motion detection has some configurable settings through the mobile app. It doesn’t have custom motion detection zones, but you can adjust the sensitivity in order to reduce false alerts. You can also adjust the clip length and the re-trigger time. In addition, you can configure a schedule for the arm/disarm so that you won’t get false alerts due to routine activities.

At first, the temperature detection may not seem like much, but it can be very handy if you live in a place where the temperature levels are extreme, i.e. you often need to deal with freezing pipes or very hot weather. You can integrate it with your smart home system or IFTTT service to control your thermostat.

Blink XT does not have any local storage. It relies on the cloud storage. However, you don’t actually need to spend more money for the cloud storage; you get free cloud storage that can store up to 120 minutes of video.

Mobile App
Blink XT does not have any web portal for viewing or managing the camera. Instead, it has an Android app and an iOS app. The mobile app is very easy and simple to use, and there are useful settings and features. The interface is easy to navigate. The icons are unambiguous and easy to understand. Plus, it runs smoothly. It delivers notifications quickly whenever motion is detected.

However, it lacks more advanced features that more robust (and more expensive) systems typically offer. For example, the thumbnail for a camera is not the image of the most recent video. That is just a specific still image which you configure manually. Hence, you can’t see the most recent scenes from the cameras without opening them one by one.

Despite the affordable price, Blink XT is already compatible with various smart home systems and IFTTT services. Hence, it is an excellent choice if you are looking for an affordable security camera that can connect to the other smart devices in your home.

Blink XT works with Alexa and Google Home. You can tell it to arm or disarm via voice commands. In addition, it can work with other smart home devices, such as the Nest system and the Phillips Hue smart bulbs. For example, by using an IFTTT service, you can set it to arm automatically whenever the GPS location of your smartphone is outside the home. Or, you can set your lights to turn on when Blink XT detects a movement.

- MOTION DETECTOR: Built-in motion sensor alarm, when motion detector is triggered, Wi-Fi cameras will send an alert to your smartphone and record a short clip of the event to the cloud

Blink XT is highly recommended if you need an affordable security camera. It comes with great features. It can work with other smart home devices for a comprehensive system. The video quality is fairly good, although it does have its quirks. Still, it is sufficient for basic security needs.

Blink XT Review: Specifications
Dimensions: 34 mm x 71 mm x 71 mm
– 720p HD Resolution
– Built-in Microphone
– Motion and Temperature Sensors
– Infrared Night Vision
– Weatherproof
– 2 years of battery life
– Camera Mount Included
– Multi-System and Multi-Camera Support
– Auto Arm/Disarm Function
– Wi-Fi Connectivity
– Instant Alerts to your Smartphone
– View, Manage Recorded Clips
– Live View
– Apple app –Compatible with iOS 10 or higher
– Android app –Compatible with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher

Blink XT Review: Pros
– Small, lightweight design allows easy placement
– Free cloud storage
– Decent overall performance
– Suitable for indoor and outdoor uses
– Very affordable, budget-friendly price

Blink XT Review: Price
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