Canary Flex Review

In this Canary Flex review, we will take a look at an impressive outdoor security camera that is loaded with great features. Although it is not the most affordable model in the market, its price tag is still quite lower than several other products with similar capabilities. So, is Canary Flex the right camera for your home? Find out below!

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– The design and build quality of Canary Flex
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– The performance and video quality of Canary Flex
– The available service plan for the unit

Canary Flex is designed specifically for outdoor uses. It has a weatherproof housing and an adaptable mount. In addition, it is truly wireless; it does not need any power cord, as it runs on a built-in rechargeable battery. So, it is very easy to place wherever you want.See also: Canary Flex vs Arlo Pro.

The Canary Flex camera is shaped like an over-sized pill. It measures 1.9 inches wide and 4.35 inches tall. It may look a bit strange because of its shape and the semi-spherical base, but it is a good-looking device in its own way. There are two color options, black and white.

A complete mounting kit is included in the box. You can just put it on the magnetic mount if you want to place it on a flat surface, or use the wall mount if you want to mount it on a wall. Thanks to the magnetic mounting base, you can easily adjust the camera’s viewpoint.

The built-in battery has a capacity of 6700 mAh. The battery life is about three days per charge. The proprietary charging cable is weatherproof, so you may just leave it plugged as long as the USB power adapter is indoor or protected by a weatherproof housing.

As a security camera, Canary Flex is loaded with some nice features. It has motion detection and night vision. You can add person detection and customizable motion detection zones, but only if you subscribe to the paid service plan.

One nice thing about Canary Flex is that it provides a one-touch access to emergency services. Whenever it detects a motion, it can send a notification to your smartphone. From there, you can immediately alert the local police, fire department, or emergency medical technician to get help.

Canary Flex is compatible with several smart home system and services. It works Wink, so it can also work with some other IFTTT services. In addition, Canary Flex is compatible with Alexa and Google Assstant, which means that you can control it via voice commands. However, it currently is not compatible with Apple HomeKit.

The overall set-up process is quite simple. After you place the camera on the desired place, you need to connect the camera to your home’s Wi-Fi. Download and install the mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS devices. You can configure the settings of the camera through the mobile app. While the initial set-up is quick, you will probably need a few days to tweak the settings from time to time to suit your daily habits.

If you have more than one Canary camera, you can configure them all through the same app. You can easily scroll between them, and you can see the strength of the Wi-Fi connection as well as the remaining battery of each camera.

There are several operation modes available. The Night mode always activates the camera at a certain time, regardless of whether you are at home or not. The Auto mode combines the Night mode with geofencing; it activates the camera at a certain time as well as whenever you are not at home. If you don’t want to rely on geofencing, you can just manually switch between the Home (disarm) and Away (arm) modes.

Performance and Video Quality
The overall performance of Canary Flex is good. The motion detection is reliable. It works well in detecting a moving object that is large or warm. However, it is a bit slow when waking up from the sleep mode. It may take about 15 seconds to show a picture after the PIR sensor detects a motion.

The app arranges things neatly so that you can easily navigate through recordings. If you encounter connectivity problems, such as the camera disconnecting, that’s probably because the Wi-Fi signal isn’t strong enough. This is why you need to consider the placement carefully. It may be necessary to have a Wi-Fi extender in order to ensure a reliable connection for the camera.

The video quality is good. It already records in 1080p Full HD. The images are quite sharp and detailed, with accurate colors. It may struggle when facing bright light, so try to avoid aligning the lens directly towards the sun or a lamp. The night vision is pretty good, although the range is rather short. Still, the night vision can be handy for monitoring the front door at night.

Service Plan
Canary Flex stores its recording on the cloud storage. There is a free plan which will keep your recordings for 1 day. If you want to enable the advanced features and extend the storage duration, you need to subscribe as a member.

The subscription costs $9.99/month or $99/year. It enables the full capabilities of the camera, such as person detection and customizable motion detection zones. It will also keep your recordings for 30 days. Although there are other systems with slightly more affordable service plan prices, the features of Canary Flex still make it worth the money.

- Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately). - Unrivaled versatility - Indoor / outdoor HD security that works wire-free or plugged in

For a fairly inexpensive security camera, Canary Flex is good. It can operate on the battery, but you can just use the weatherproof cable if you don’t want to recharge the unit constantly. It has good overall performance and video quality, although it is a bit slow when waking up from the sleep mode. It already has smart features like motion detection, person detection, and integrations with Alexa and some IFTTT services.

Canary Flex Review: Specifications
Camera: 1080p Full HD image sensor with motion detection
Field of View: 116° wide-angle lens
Night Vision: High-quality automatic night vision
Audio: High-quality microphone
Built-in speaker: Two-way Canary Talk (included with membership)-
– 6700 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
– 100 – 240V AC power supply, 8 ft cable length
– Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
– Dual-band Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n)
Operating Temperatures:
 -4° to 113° F (temporary exposure up to 122° F permitted)
Sensors: Ambient light sensor, PIR sensor
Diameter: 1.9 inches (48.3 mm)
Height: 4.35 inches (110.5 mm)
Weight: 0.53 lbs (240 g)
– Secure web transfer (SSL/TLS)
– Dedicated encryption chip
– AES 256-bit encryption
– Encrypted cloud storage
– year limited warranty (Valid only if purchased from an authorized reseller)

Canary Flex Review: Pros
– Nice design and excellent build quality
– Works with Alexa and some IFTTT services
– Reliable motion detection
– Has free cloud storage with an upgrade option
– Not too expensive

Canary Flex Review: Price
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