Ezviz vs Lorex Outdoor Security Camera

If you are looking for an affordable surveillance system to safeguard your home, you are probably interested in Ezviz vs Lorex Outdoor Security Camera. They both are quite budget-friendly, and they both offer nice features and specifications. So, which one is actually better?

Read on below to learn more about:
– The design and dimensions of each model
– The connectivity features of each model
– The smart features and capabilities of each model
– The video quality of Ezviz vs Lorex Outdoor Security Camera
– The warranty of each model
– Which outdoor security camera that is more recommended

Design and Dimensions
Let’s start from the physical properties of each camera. Both of them are weatherproof, so they are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor installations. However, there are indeed some differences in their designs. See also: Canary Flex vs Arlo Pro.

The Ezviz outdoor security camera is generally more recommended if you want a good-looking device. It is quite compact, and it has a nice green line that surrounds the body. The contrast with the white body makes it look elegant.

The compact design will also allow you to install it easily wherever you want. It measures 2.75 inches wide and 6.46 inches long. The weight is only about 0.405 lbs. It comes with a complete mounting kit, so you can get started quickly.

The Lorex outdoor security camera, on the other hand, has a more professional look. It is actually a little bit more compact, as it measures 2.7 inches wide and 6.0 inches deep. The whole housing is white with strict lines. In addition, it has a vandal-resistant design with a cable pass-through bracket to secure the vulnerable part of the unit. Nevertheless, you can also install it easily wherever needed, as a complete mounting kit is included in the box.

 Ezviz Lorex Outdoor Security Camera
Product Dimensions13.4 x 10.2 x 10.5 inches

18 x 18 x 18 inches
Average Install Time2-4 minutes

2-5 minutes

Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Both Ezviz vs Lorex Outdoor Security Camera are DVR-based systems. They operate with cables. However, their DVR units are already Internet-enabled, so that you can access them remotely from a mobile device.

The Ezviz system comes with four camera units which are designed to connect to a central DVR. A built-in 1TB hard drive is included for local storage. The video cables and the power adapters are all included. Once you have connected all of the cameras to the DVR, you can connect the DVR to your router by using an Ethernet cable in order to provide Internet access.

Afterwards, you can download and install the Ezviz app on your mobile device. After a short and simple set-up process, you can see the live videos from your cameras through this mobile app. This is very convenient, as it allows you to monitor your home remotely.

The Lorex outdoor security camera is quite similar. The bundle includes four camera units and a DVR unit. However, the hard drive is not included. Once the cameras are all connected to the DVR, you can connect the DVR to your router for Internet access. You can download and install the Flir Cloud app on your mobile device in order to see the live videos of your cameras remotely.

One of the biggest differences between Ezviz vs Lorex Outdoor Security Camera is the smart features and capabilities. Ezviz is quite better in this aspect because it has built-in motion detection. Lorex is mostly only for live remote monitoring.

The Ezviz outdoor security camera has customizable motion detection. Whenever a camera detects a motion, it will send an alert notification to smartphone so that you can assess the situation immediately. This is incredibly useful, as you won’t be able to monitor the system manually by yourself all the time. You can adjust the motion detection zones directly on the DVR in order to reduce false alerts caused by routine normal activities.

The built-in night vision is good. It can show clear images up to 100 feet when in a dim environment. It still does a pretty good job or providing clear images up to 65 feet when in total darkness. Unlike some other cheap cameras, the images in night vision are quite detailed. It is definitely a reliable outdoor security camera.

The Lorex outdoor security camera does not mention any motion detection capability. As the effect, this model is not recommended if you are looking for a smart device that can give you an alert notification whenever a motion is detected within the field of view. However, it is still a good choice if you just want a simple camera system only for live-viewing your home from time to time.

The night vision is quite sophisticated. It has a maximum range of 150 feet, which is impressive. It also has the SmartIR technology for close-up recognition in a dark environment and the ClearNight technology for enhanced imaging. Hence, the images in the night vision mode are very sharp, crisp, and detailed.

Video Quality
Ezviz has decent video quality. Although it claims to provide 1080p videos with a frame rate of 30 fps, the images actually look like heavily sharpened 720p images. This is not surprising because the actual effective pixels are 1930 x 1088. Still, the images are quite detailed so that you easily recognize objects and people, the colors are solid and accurate, and the movements look smooth.

The advantage of Ezviz is the wider field of view. Each of the cameras has a field of view of 107.5 degrees, so you can see more of the surrounding.

Lorex provides very good video quality. The images are in real 1080p, and they look sharp and detailed. The color quality and brightness are good, too. Unfortunately, the field of view is only 90 degrees. This is rather narrow, so you need to position the camera wisely in order to be able to see the most important parts around your home.

The Ezviz outdoor security camera comes with a 1-year limited warranty. It covers all defects in the materials and workmanship. The company says that no distributor or reseller may extend or modify this limited warranty.

The Lorex outdoor security camera is better in this aspect. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty that covers all defects in the materials and workmanship. The longer coverage is definitely a good thing, even though the limited warranty does not cover any damage caused by normal operation.

Ezviz vs Lorex Outdoor Security Camera

- View and record 4 critical points of your home or business on a built in 1TB security grade hard drive. Power Consumption maximum 4 Watt
- Any movement detected will be recorded and notification will be sent immediately to your smart phone. Detection area can be customized directly from your DVR to minimize false alarms.
- Cameras are certified IP66 and capable of operating in extreme temperatures outdoors, - 40°F to 140°F. Multi-layer security and end-to-end video encryption protect your data.
- Built using the same lightweight and durable polycarbonate housing as our LBV1521 Series, this miniature camera can compete with cameras twice its size.
- Representing the next generation of HD security camera, the 2-megapixel image sensor can display 1080p high definition video over a standard coaxial cable
- 1080p recording resolution and advanced night vision make this 4-pack of security cameras a worry-free choice to protect your home or business

In general, the Ezviz outdoor security camera is more recommended. This model has motion detection, and it can send an alert notification to your smartphone when a motion is detected. In addition, the camera has a wider field of view which will allow you to see more of the surrounding.

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