Nest vs ADT

Security camera has been very popular in the last decade due to how convenient the new technology is to allow homeowner to keep an eye on their properties even while they are away. If you are also interested in using a security camera, Nest vs ADT are two nice brands to pick and both are very promising in term of performance. To see what they can offer for their user, go check our article below and decide which brand will give you the best benefit.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a security camera
– What are Nest and ADT
– What Nest and ADT Look Like
– How are the Video and Audio Quality of Nest and ADT
– What else Nest and ADT can offer to you
– Nest vs ADT

Security Camera
As a human being, we need to feel to safe all the time because in present day crime rates is pretty high and make us feel insecure, moreover when we are away for a period of time. Many of us are spending most of the day working in office or outside the house so it is not surprising that many people start to install cameras in their house to monitor and see if anything happened so the owner can notify the nearby law enforcement.

Feeling secure is important to let us more focus on doing our daily activity and if you are also working outside the house or worry about any security breaking, it is good to install few cameras inside and outside the house to always in check of what’s happening. Due to the advance in technology, security system no longer complicated and even us with a very little knowledge can use them as easy as operating a smartphone and other smart devices.

Another benefit from installing cameras on your house beside to record or see what is happening at the moment while you are away is to discourage any potential threat such as burglary. Security cameras will record a footage and when there is criminal want to break into your house, they will see the camera and may abort their attempt since we can see their face and clothes as an evidence for law enforcement to take further investigating process.

In real life, there has been so many cases proven with camera footage where the criminal can’t avoid the charge anymore due to the prominent video footage as evidence. In addition to keep criminals away, installing camera in establishment like office is good to monitor your employee especially those owner who are not always present on the office as well as acting as security cameras when the office is not being used. For those with small children or baby, the cameras can be used as nanny camera to keep an eye on your kid.

Modern security cameras are often coming with a set of capabilities but all of them have to be working wirelessly so user can access the footage from anywhere as long as there is internet connection and have a good video or audio quality since we are going to see the footage. So, make sure to look for those with a high video quality.

Nest SecurityADT
Product Dimensions2.9 x 4.5 x 2.9 inches
5 x 6 x 4 inches
Average Install Time4-6 minutes

Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Nest
Due to the huge demand from user, we can have so many options out there and thankfully, they are varying in price so we can pick based on our ability. However, if you want to take a short cut, we can see what the other people are using as well to get at least a more promising product and one among those brands is Nest. This brand is acquired by Google several years ago and supported by the giant company, we do hope to see the matching quality.

The one we are talking today is the older Nest indoor camera which is one of the most well-known and bestselling version of indoor camera. It is promising a good quality and complete feature as a security camera with a good quality and easy operation as well as integration to other Google smart home products. Read also: Nest vs Ring here.

Nest Design
When first seeing Nest indoor camera, the first thing comes to our mind is how compact and pretty the design look like. This model is covered in a black, matte plastic housing to cover the lens and machine inside while the base has a gunmetal finish. It is designed like a droplets and when you try holding them, it is pretty sturdy despite the small size. The back is rubber and the base is magnetic to allow user install the camera standing up in a wall or with a tripod.

Nest Video and Audio
As it has been mentioned above, the most important thing when looking for a security camera is the video quality because it is used to take and record footage. Thankfully, Nest is already coming with 1080p video resolution with an additional zoom feature up to 8 times. It has 130-degree view and when tested, this camera quality is probably among the best in its price range so we can actually see almost the whole room minus area placed in the same alignment with the camera.

The video quality is very clear and vivid when viewed using a smartphone screen but when your internet connection is slower, the quality can be reduced to 720p as well to load them faster. When the light is low, the camera has 8 infrared LED sensor to view footage. Like many other security cameras, this model also support two way audio to let the user communicate through the camera such as talking to their family at home or scare criminals who want to break into your house.

Nest Feature
Nest indoor camera has no local storage so your footage will be saved in cloud and user need to pay for subscription. It has a motion alert whenever the camera detect something moving in a room so we will be notified just in case it is something unwanted. In addition, since it is a Google product, we can integrate the camera with Google Assistant, Chromecast, Phillips-Hue light bulbs or with Amazon Echo and Fire TV.

With this many integration, we can automate and connect them together such as talking to your Google Assistant through the camera. All we need to do is ask the camera to view an area and for example through Chromecast the TV screen will display the footage almost instantly.

About ADT
There are many good items to pick out there and if the first option is not that promising in your opinion, it is good to also look what the other manufacturer has to offer and one of them is ADT. Being founded in 1874, this brand is probably the most mature manufacturer in the market for home security system so they know exactly what they are doing and for the basic consumer market, they offer the Pulse camera which is priced currently below Nest.

ADT Design
ADT Pulse camera is coming in a rectangular design for the lens housing covered in black plastic to make it look more subtle. It is coming with a base and a leg to support the housing itself that we can install in various places when needed. While the name is indoor camera, we still can install them to watch your fence and garage or the front door as long as the camera doesn’t get wet or in direct contact with weather outside.

ADT Video and Audio
As for the video resolution, this ADT Pulse indoor camera can only take video up to 720p which through the app can be set either to record manual video or a still snapshots as you preferred. Similar like many other security cameras, there is no internal storage here and the data we have will be saved in ADT’s cloud storage for 30 days. In case you need to save the footage, we can download the video but from ADT web service and not through the mobile app.

The video quality is also nice and will look even better when you are using a device with an excellent screen quality. The first thing we don’t like about the camera is it doesn’t record audio so there is no way we can use it to listen what the other part sounds like or for example listening to people talking from your front door.

ADT Features
On the sensor part, this camera is also featured with a motion sensor and can detect movement as well as automatically record the situation and it is smart enough to ignore small animal movement on the area. What’s a bit annoying is there are times the camera doesn’t detect a movement like recording a garbage man doing their work. However, passing cars and people walking are able to be detected and record properly.

Now, let’s compare Nest with ADT. As you may already know, the difference between both of them are on their video and audio as well as integration. Nest generally is a better camera because not only it will stream higher video quality but also have 2-way audio to listen and talk to the person sitting on the other side. Since Nest is a Google product, it also have a wider option to connect with your smart home devices but ADT works with Google Assistant as well.

Nest vs ADT

- DON'T MISS A THING WITH NEST ALERTS: Whether the kids just came home from school or the dog has decided to eat those new pillows you just bought; the Nest Cam sees it all! Get alerts through your Nest App whenever the camera detects movement and activity. And the coolest part is that the Nest Cam can tell the difference between movement from say a hand getting into a cookie jar, and a person entering a room. Person Alerts and Activity Alerts can help keep your home safe even if you aren't there.
- BE HEARD WITH NEST: Nest Cam Indoor has a built-in speaker and mic, so you can hear what’s happening at home. Or tell the dog to get off the couch.
- SET IT UP ANYWHERE: The compact size of the Nest Cam makes installation a breeze. Nest Cam Indoor’s stand works in all kinds of homes, on all types of surfaces. Set it down on something flat, like a table or shelf. The Nest Cam has a built­-in magnet so you can stick it to something metallic. Use the removable wall plate to attach Nest Cam to a wall. Or you can unscrew the camera from the base and attach it to any standard tripod mount.
- NEW 2017 ADT Pulse Version
- Crystal clear 720P HD recording

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different opinion, preference and budget to spend. ADT is indeed more affordable but we will recommend you to choose Nest since this one has a better video quality and audio as well as useful for people with smart home system.

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