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Security cameras are a very useful device nowadays, from monitoring your house while you are not around to seeing whether the package you order has arrived. There are so many options to choose from as well such as Reolink Vs Arlo that are both easy to install and also reliable. They produce good quality footage and are pretty affordable so if you are also considering the two, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Choose for a Security Camera
  • What are Reolink and Arlo
  • How are the Design of Reolink and Arlo
  • How are the Image Quality of Reolink and Arlo
  • What are the Features in Reolink and Arlo
  • How are the Performance of Reolink and Arlo
  • Reolink Vs Arlo

Buying a Security Camera

In modern days we are getting helped a lot by technology because not only for entertainment, they are useful in almost any aspect of our daily life and many of us are working to develop an even more convenient future. From smartphones to smart home products, we have plenty to try and incorporate in our day to day activities. Security cameras are one of them and if you haven’t used them, it is wise to start considering installing at least one camera in your home or property.

As the name suggests, security cameras are meant to secure your house but not in the terms of freeing from any malicious attack but more on the monitoring side. They may won’t stop a person from breaking into the house while you are away but they can record the process and since they can alert us as well, we can be prepared or notify the law enforcement faster. Not only for dangerous activity, it is also useful to see who visits your house and other monitoring benefits.

When it comes to security cameras, what you want to have are those that can produce reliable footage since it is a waste to have a video that we can’t even see the detailed information, especially in case there is an important event. What to note is that while the product can be labeled or claimed to have a certain resolution such as 1080p, not every 1080p from any camera will be the same which is why it is wise to check the footage quality first.

For a security camera, it is also wise to get the options that you can install conveniently. Modern security cameras are very easy to use and typically the process to set up one device only takes minutes if there is no software update. The process tends to be about activating the camera, registering the product to your account, and pairing them with the wireless connection available. This type of system can use several cameras in the same account and manage them from your smart device.

In addition, try to look for the features that you want. We do think the basic features in a security camera is live feed so we can monitor the area any time, as well as recording. This recording can be triggered by motion happening in front of the camera or by the user. Don’t forget the storage too because some are storing the footage locally using a memory card or on the cloud. Some companies provide free service but many are also requiring monthly payment for using their cloud storage.

Product Dimensions4.53 x 2.44 x 3.54 inches 3 x 2 x 3.5 inches
Average Install Time5-10 minutes

5-10 minutes
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About Reolink and Arlo

Now when you are ready to buy a security camera, it is time to see what the market has to offer. There are so many good options to choose from based on which seems to fit in your preference and pocket the most too. The main difference is probably on features or image quality in case you want to compare expensive to affordable cameras. The options with high image quality and features such as local storage are usually what many people want.

As for the choice in the affordable range, many are actually very reliable such as what Reolink and Arlo systems currently offer. We have talked about Reolink affordable indoor and outdoor cameras before in Reolink Vs Swann security camera which land this camera as one of the best in the price range and this time we want to see how it is compared to Arlo. Arlo is a very popular name and we are always satisfied with their camera, especially those at the mid-range level.

Today we are going to see the affordable alternatives from both companies by comparing the Argus 3 from Reolink to the Essential model from Arlo. These cameras are very popular and the reason is because they can record or deliver good footage quality along with all the useful features included. These Reolink and Arlo cameras are also quite affordable or around $100 for one camera. Both are standard 1080p and we do love their image quality yet, you can find much better resolution from the two as well.

In comparison these Reolink and Arlo cameras are very similar starting from the resolution and image quality to the features included. Another feature that we like from these cameras is the option to add local storage in your system since we know some people prefer to use this option if they can, moreover it is free of any charge as long as the footage fits in the memory card that you have installed. Comparing the two, we will recommend the Reolink Argus 3 for the cheaper cost.

Reolink and Arlo Design

Just like many modern security cameras today, the shape of these Reolink and Arlo cameras are kind of following the same aesthetic. They are oval and inside a plastic housing with a detachable mount system. The mount needs to be installed on a spot first then we can attach the camera to face the angle and area you want. They are rechargeable or wire free and since there is no method to remove the battery, we need to unplug the camera for recharging.

This can be avoided when you install a solar panel because they can use this system too and we also prefer to use this option especially when installing them outdoors since overall it is just more convenient. In the box you will get the camera, mount, and charging cable but there is no adapter included. The body is weathershield so both cameras can be mounted indoor or outdoor without worrying the sun, dust or rain water damaging it.

Reolink and Arlo Image Quality

Now let’s take a look at what these Reolink and Arlo cameras can offer starting from the image quality. The two are claimed to be a 1080p camera and we do think they are solid for this quality. For starter they seem to capture the same amount of view or around the same at field of view. The picture however is far from identical. Side by side the Arlo is more natural and smoother in details. If you see the 1080p of Reolink Argus 3, the footage is clearly over-sharpened and oversaturated.

The sharpening makes the footage less smooth and for the motion it is also less fluid compared to Arlo Essential. However, for monitoring purposes we do think any of the two will work just fine. The night footage is about the same however and since both cameras are featured with a spotlight, the footage we can record is not only in black and white but in color too. As for the audio both can record it too but the quality is also better and cleaner on the Arlo Essential.

Reolink and Arlo Features

Now let’s see what features that you can find on these Reolink and Arlo cameras. The basic features on both cameras are live feed that can be streamed from your phone and also notification based on motion. They have a motion sensor to detect movement in front of the camera and send you the notification. The main difference in our opinion is the storage and extensive notification that is available with Arlo premium plan along with its cloud service.

You can just add a memory card to store locally with Reolink Argus 3 but to do this with Arlo Essential you will need the hub which is sold separately and also more expensive. You can add cloud storage for Reolink too but similar to Arlo, we need to pay for the monthly subscription.

Reolink and Arlo Performance 

Lastly for the performance and experience, it is hard to beat Reolink for its price point since it works really well above our expectations. The setup process is very similar and only takes minutes if there is no firmware upgrade since the cameras are directly connected to the Wi-Fi. They keep the connection stable and the notification is always sent when there is a movement picked up by the sensor. Overall they are very pleasant and reliable for monitoring purposes.

Reolink Vs Arlo 

There are many good security cameras out there and these two are some of the most promising choices in the budget range. However, image quality wise the Arlo Essential is better along with its audio recording but the Reolink is not bad either. Reolink is cheaper and comes with local storage if you prefer to store the footage directly in the camera while to do so we need a hub for Arlo camera and this is adding the cost. But, the Arlo system does have richer and better notification filters.

- Built-in Spotlight & Siren: With integrated 2pcs 6500K spotlights and built-in siren, Argus 3 will turn on the LED light and sound the customized siren alarm immediately to deter the threat. In the meantime, a push notification will pop out on your phone or tablet.
- Live View & Playback: Records motion-detected clips locally to a microSD card (up to 128GB, not included). Compatible with Reolink Cloud service, which provides off-site backup and allows you to access, live view and play back video history anytime, from anywhere.
- Starlight 1080P Night Vision: Boasting luminous LED spotlights and 2-megapixel starlight CMOS sensor, crisp video recording and live streaming with 33 ft, yard-illuminating color night vision helps identify more valuable details like color of intruders’ clothes or cars even at night.
- Battery-powered & Wire-free: Mount outside where wires can’t, hassle-free. With multiple mount accessories included and IP65 weatherproof certificated, you can basically put the security camera outdoor anywhere connected with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Solar panel(sold separately) is recommended to use for continuous power supply.
- Capture clear details in full high definition - Arlo's Essential security camera records video in 1080p for a clear picture and see more of your property thanks to the wide 130º viewing angle
- Coverage from every corner - Fast, wireless setup, the Essential Spotlight surveillance & security cameras deliver increased installation flexibility to get the perfect camera view
- See more at night - See important features like faces or license plates in full color, at night, with color night vision to make these outdoor security cameras the perfect cameras for home security
- Smarter alerts, quicker action - Receive notifications from your home security cameras for people, vehicles, and packages so you can take quick action such as sound the siren, call a friend or dial emergency services, with the included, Arlo Secure trial


The choice is all yours since we may have different preferences but we will recommend Arlo if you want a better notification system and image quality while we also recommend the Reolink if you just want a monitoring function and local storage, moreover this camera is also more affordable.


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