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There are so many security cameras to choose from but some of the best options are Reolink Vs Eufy. These cameras are not only affordable but also working really well and they are able to record a good footage quality that you can access anytime from the smartphones. These cameras come with all the basic features too but they are not identical so before deciding to choose one, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Know About Security Camera
  • What are Reolink and eufy Camera
  • How are the Design of Reolink and eufy Camera
  • How are the Image Quality from Reolink and eufy Camera
  • What are the Features in Reolink and eufy Camera
  • How are the Performance of Reolink and eufy Camera
  • Reolink Vs eufy Camera

Buying a Security Camera

Security cameras are not a new thing anymore because they are getting more common and also more affordable nowadays. The reason being aside from advances in technology and how they can be cheaply made is because security systems become necessary in modern homes. The owner may not always be present in the spot to notice if there is something concerning happening and it provides a monitoring function at an affordable cost. The system is becoming easier to use as well for a wide range of users.

Most of the security cameras available on the market today are consumer level variants because this is also more affordable and simple to use. These cameras are working based on your IP or local network and often called an NVR system. They are capable of recording Ultra HD images that can be 4K or 8K soon in the future. They can be connected via cable or wirelessly and just like any device, the transmitting performance is heavily relying on how far the device is from your router.

To make the footage useful when needed, for example when someone is trying to break into your house or stealing your package, the footage has to be clear enough to see or show details on the suspect. This is why pixel matters and it is highly recommended to go for those at least 1080p at the lowest setting. This quality should be decent and can capture plenty of details that can be used to gather information. It is also more pleasant to watch.

The current consumer level security cameras today are 1080p, 2K, and 4K. The higher the resolution the better the footage will look like but the cameras with the same resolution are not always going to offer the same or identical video quality in real life. You can go with the 4K to ensure the footage will look crisp and more detailed but do consider that they can fill up the storage faster too because higher resolution also means more information stored hence bigger file size.

Security cameras are as useful as how you will utilize them. At the core it is just a digital camera with a sensor that can live stream the video on demand. The rest is done by the user themselves such as finding the best spot to install one. Most people are putting it on the entryway of their property, some may also have it in their backyard, and some also prefer to install a hidden camera so the device is safer or able to capture more information.

Product Dimensions4.53 x 2.44 x 3.54 inches 4.2 x 2.24 x 2.24 inches
Average Install Time5-10 minutes

15-25 minutes
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About Reolink and eufy

There are so many security cameras when you are in the market to choose one but we are shopping based on which seems to fit the preference and brand that you trust more, especially when they offer cloud storage too. In general there is no “best” security camera or system but we can at least find the most useful to us. For those who are concerned about the data that their camera company may save, it is probably wise to use the model that can save locally.

Some companies only offer cloud storage or local storage while some companies like Reolink Vs Arlo provide both options based on the camera model you buy. Reolink is one of the most popular options, especially on the budget range and surprisingly, the cameras from this brand are also performing really well with better than just decent image quality. Today we are going to see how it compares with another top choice eufy to see which of their systems you may want to install at home.

Reolink and eufy are companies that focus on consumer level security cameras so they do carry plenty of options to choose from. As for the specific camera we are talking about today, they are Argus 3 and eufyCam 2 which are about the same in terms of price point and specs. The eufyCam 2 however, is often sold in pairs so the overall cost is higher but it does come with more in the package. Reolink Argus 3 is still the more affordable system if you just want to install one camera.

In comparison both of these Reolink and eufy cameras are very similar to each other starting from the video resolution to the features and also storage options. The main difference in our opinion is when it comes to installation because Argus 3 from Reolink is a direct Wi-Fi while for the eufyCam it needs to be connected to a base. We also think that their image quality is on par with each other though they are not identical but the two are true 1080p in clarity.

Reolink and eufy Design

Now let’s take a look into the camera first. They are quite different in styling and to be honest this eufyCam is not as compact as many other cameras we have seen before. The overall dimension is a bit narrower than Argus 3 but it is longer so the camera looks protruding when installed. The housing is made of the standard durable plastic and they are rated for outdoor use too. The packaging is very simple with everything you need included.

The two are rechargeable cameras but Reolink only gives you the USB cable while eufy gives the adapter as well for charging directly from a wall power. Their battery is not removable so to charge the camera we will need to do it directly. There are two mounts in the package for both cameras and as it has been mentioned above, eufy also has the base ready. This base is surprisingly small or just slightly larger than the camera itself.

Reolink and eufy Image Quality

Next is for the most important part or the image quality but let’s check the basic spec of these Reolink and eufy cameras first. Both of them are 1080p in resolution and an angle of 120 and 140 degree respectively so they will look about the same. Upon seeing the footage, they are crisp and very detailed for a security camera. We can say that they are true 1080p because the footage is good, not impressive like your smartphone’s camera but pleasant to look at.

The color profile is probably the most noticeable difference side by side because Reolink is more saturated so if you have trees in the backyard for example, it will turn out greener and in most cases people like this type of profile better. The eufyCam 2 is not washed out either but it looks more natural and not as saturated. As for the night vision, since only Argus 3 has the spotlight, it can record footage in color too while the latter is black and white only.

Reolink and eufy Features

Moving to the features side, both of these Reolink and eufy cameras are sensor based so just like most cameras they will notify you when the sensor detects something and this can be adjusted from the setting based on how you want the sensor and notification to work. The most interesting part is their storage system because Reolink offers both local and cloud service. The Cloud service will require a monthly fee but you can fit a MicroSD up to 128GB in the camera for storing function.

On the other hand the storage of eufyCam 2 is located on the base station but instead of using MicroSD or memory card, it has a built-in storage of 16GB which can last for about 3 months of footage. There is no memory slot here but there is a USB port which is claimed to be planned for storage expansion in the future. Additionally they have features like siren and 2-way audio too.

Reolink and eufy Performance

Lastly for the performance, installing and setting up the camera is very easy and straightforward. It is a combination of making an account, pairing, and adjusting some settings on the app and then you are ready to go. But, since the battery is non-removable, we highly recommend using a solar panel to charge the camera, especially Reolink because this one is not going to last as long as the eufyCam 2 battery. eufy recently released their solar panel too for better convenience.

Reolink Vs eufy

Both Reolink and eufy are good cameras that will help you monitor the house. The main difference in our opinion is the installation since eufyCam 2 is using the base to connect with your network. It has non-expandable storage too, at least for now so we are going to stick with the 16GB of capacity. The features are pretty much the same to each other and price wise currently Reolink Argus 3 is more affordable. It has a shorter battery life however so we highly recommend the solar panel.

- Built-in Spotlight & Siren: With integrated 2pcs 6500K spotlights and built-in siren, Argus 3 will turn on the LED light and sound the customized siren alarm immediately to deter the threat. In the meantime, a push notification will pop out on your phone or tablet.
- Live View & Playback: Records motion-detected clips locally to a microSD card (up to 128GB, not included). Compatible with Reolink Cloud service, which provides off-site backup and allows you to access, live view and play back video history anytime, from anywhere.
- Starlight 1080P Night Vision: Boasting luminous LED spotlights and 2-megapixel starlight CMOS sensor, crisp video recording and live streaming with 33 ft, yard-illuminating color night vision helps identify more valuable details like color of intruders’ clothes or cars even at night.
- Battery-powered & Wire-free: Mount outside where wires can’t, hassle-free. With multiple mount accessories included and IP65 weatherproof certificated, you can basically put the security camera outdoor anywhere connected with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Solar panel(sold separately) is recommended to use for continuous power supply.
- 1080p Full HD Live-stream and record footage in crystal clear 1080p HD, so you see exactly what is happening in and around your home.
- A Year’s Security from 1 Charge Avoid frequent trips to charge the battery and enjoy 365-day battery life from just one charge.
- Zero Hidden Costs Designed to protect your home as well as your wallet, eufyCam 2 is a one-time purchase that combines security with convenience.
- Advanced Night Vision The state-of-the-art Sony sensor allows for detailed recordings and streaming in low-light scenarios.


The decision is all yours depending on which seems closer to your liking. Personally we recommend the Reolink both for its ability and also price point, especially since it is cheaper and works directly with Wi-Fi as well as has a larger storage capacity.

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