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Security cameras are almost everywhere nowadays and the reason is probably because they are getting more affordable and easy to use. You can find plenty of security cameras for indoor or outdoor applications such as Reolink Vs Swann. These cameras are not only user friendly but also able to record good footage and come with useful features too. If you are also considering the two, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Do You Need a Security Camera
  • What are Reolink and Swann
  • How are the Design of Reolink and Swann
  • How are the Image Quality of Reolink and Swann
  • What are the Features in Reolink and Swann
  • How are the Experience with Reolink and Swann
  • Reolink Vs Swann

Security Cameras

Security cameras are necessary devices for many and they are extremely useful, especially for those who are often leaving their home or living in an area with some reputation. The main goal of a security camera is to deter and provide proof of an event. It is similar to a dash cam where they will record an event that can describe how it happens and who gets involved. In modern days we can install it on our properties to monitor the space in front or around it.

This device is getting lots of upgrades as smartphones are now getting smarter. In the past you may need professional help in installing and managing the footage so there are only a few people who can spend or have them installed in their properties but today we can buy a security camera through an online store and install it in minutes. Depending on the system, your footage can be stored in a memory card or on the cloud storage and users can manage their data or file.

Security cameras are very common and you can find them fairly easy from lots of different brands. They are typically small cameras that can be attached to a wall or put on any flat surface and can be powered directly or using a battery. The camera housing can vary based on how the manufacturer designs their products but the functions stay the same. Most of them require pairing with your Wi-Fi to function or to activate the product and allowing you to access the file from a separate device.

The camera is not a standalone since they need another device or service to work but this is also what makes them much more convenient. By connecting the camera to Wi-Fi, it lets you access the features, especially live footage and footage recorded from almost anywhere as long as there is data coverage. They are also very easy to use and we do think modern people who are familiar with smart devices will have no issue installing or utilizing its features.

However, just like with any products, it is wise to choose the one that you are confident in using. Security cameras are varying widely based on the resolution, features, and even how they work. Resolution is probably the most important since there is no use of footage that we can’t see clearly so at the basic 1080p is a good resolution to start. Consider what features you want to have and try to match it with the options you have such as local storage or motion sensor.

Reolink Swann
Product Dimensions4.53 x 2.44 x 3.54 inches 2.17 x 2 x 3.3 inches
Average Install Time5-10 minutes

5-10 minutes
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About Reolink and Swann

Now when you have decided to buy and install a security camera, it is time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them and it can be quite confusing to choose just one. The best cameras are those that we can use with ease and are helpful by providing reliable footage as well as notifications when needed. Most cameras are capable of these features but there are some slight differences on the system or overall performance.

For those who want affordable but reliable security cameras to monitor their property, Reolink and Swann security cameras are some of the most popular alternatives to many more popular and expensive options in the market. These brands specialize in home security systems and you can build their cameras as well or use several of them in the same area and connect them all together with one account on your smart device. Price wise they vary but the basic models are usually around $100.

For the specific model, today we are going to pick Argus 3 and SWIFI-CAMW-GL respectively from the both companies. These cameras are 1080p so the image quality should be decent but you can find higher models too from both manufacturers such as 4K resolution. 1080p is a good starting point as they are bright and detailed but the nighttime recording may be far inferior compared to the options on its higher range. If nighttime monitoring is your main focus, we do recommend investing on the higher model.

In comparison, the footage from these Reolink and Swann cameras are useful but we do think the overall quality is much better on the Reolink despite both using and claiming to have the same 1080p resolution. If you have an old action camera, the image quality will be about similar but Reolink is sharper both during the day and at night. One of the most helpful features is an addition of a spotlight in this Argus 3 camera so we do think this is a better option if you are considering the two. Read also: Reolink Vs Lorex here.

Reolink and Swann Design

From the design alone, these cameras are almost identical with this oval housing that covers the main camera in the middle which is the black center part. As you can see this Argus 3 from Reolink has a spotlight which can be very helpful both to deter crime and also to improve the footage, making it colorful at night. The material is the same plastic and they can be installed indoor or outdoor. They are also wireless cameras with rechargeable batteries.

The battery however can’t be removed from the housing so we need to remove the camera from the mounting whenever we need to charge it. It is unnecessary however, if you buy a solar panel and connect it to continuously charge the device. The cameras only come with the main unit, mount, and cable with some documentation but the charger is only USB cable without the adapter included. The Reolink Argus 3 does have two mounts in the box and a strap too.

Reolink and Swann Image Quality 

Now for the most important part, let’s see what these Reolink and Swann cameras can offer starting from the image quality and since both are 1080p, the video may look far inferior compared to those recorded by your smartphones. The coverage is about the same but the footage quality is not and in comparison, the Swann SWIFI-CAMW is both less sharp and detailed. It is like watching footage from an early affordable action camera where the green on trees looks red and blue from afar.

The Argus 3 is not amazing but it is what you have in mind when you hear about 1080p; it is clean and quite sharp but the subject movement is not as smooth. It is not an issue for security cameras because you can definitely capture tons of details here. Since Swann has no spotlight, the night footage is black and white and this is also not as sharp as the Reolink. The Swann has a wide angle view so the footage looks a bit curved.

Reolink and Swann Features

Next is for the features on Reolink and Swann but for starters we want to mention that only Argus 3 from Reolink comes with the local storage up to 128Gb using memory card. The card is sold separately but there is this option to use Cloud as well by paying the monthly fee. As for this specific Swann camera, there is no option for local storage so we are relying on the cloud for saving the footage.

Just like most cameras, these Reolink and Swann cameras are featured with notifications based on motion detection so when there is something moving in front of the camera it triggers the recording and saves the footage. They offer two-way audio too so you can speak to the other person in front of the camera.

Reolink and Swann Experience 

Lastly for the experience with these cameras, both are useful but also quite different. The image quality is certainly a main reason to buy a security camera and Swann 1080p doesn’t look as good as Reolink. The integration to Wi-Fi is very easy as you only need minutes to set them up but some users seem to find their Swann to disconnect often from the Wi-Fi so we can’t see or access the footage live. The features are mostly the same however such as motion detection and 2-way audio.

Reolink Vs Swann

There are so many good options to go for when you are in the market for a security camera. These Reolink and Swann options are useful and affordable but specific to Argus 3 and SWIFI CAMW, the main difference will be their resolution because despite 1080p, Reolink looks much better and also cleaner so it can capture more details even when the object is further from the camera. It also has a spotlight to improve night footage and have the local storage to store in memory card.

- Built-in Spotlight & Siren: With integrated 2pcs 6500K spotlights and built-in siren, Argus 3 will turn on the LED light and sound the customized siren alarm immediately to deter the threat. In the meantime, a push notification will pop out on your phone or tablet.
- Live View & Playback: Records motion-detected clips locally to a microSD card (up to 128GB, not included). Compatible with Reolink Cloud service, which provides off-site backup and allows you to access, live view and play back video history anytime, from anywhere.
- Starlight 1080P Night Vision: Boasting luminous LED spotlights and 2-megapixel starlight CMOS sensor, crisp video recording and live streaming with 33 ft, yard-illuminating color night vision helps identify more valuable details like color of intruders’ clothes or cars even at night.
- Battery-powered & Wire-free: Mount outside where wires can’t, hassle-free. With multiple mount accessories included and IP65 weatherproof certificated, you can basically put the security camera outdoor anywhere connected with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Solar panel is recommended to use for continuous power supply.
- GET THE FULL PICTURE IN FULL 1080p HD QUALITY. The ultra-wide 180 degree+ view shows the activity at the edges other cameras miss, so that you can have fewer cameras around your property bringing down the cost of home security.
- TRUE DETECT HEAT & MOTION SENSING: Detects moving warm objects, like people and cars, triggering recording and push notifications so you can act immediately to prevent unwanted activity. Weatherproof design withstands rain, snow and heat year round.
- PROTECTION 24/7. See in the dark up to 26ft (8m) with powerful infrared night vision, which automatically turns on when the lights are off. Talk to visitors, warn intruders or sound the siren to act quickly. Monitor pets, nannies or babies on mobile app.
- SMART SURVEILLANCE: Compatible with Alexa enabled smart devices such as Echo Show, Echo Spot and 4K Fire TV. Also compatible with Google Assistant, Chromcast and Google Home Hub. Use the Swann Security app to view live video and receive push notifications.


The decision is all yours but based on what you want to achieve, our choice can be different. In this comparison we highly recommend the Reolink or the Argus 3 model because it gives a much better footage quality and also cheaper with more reliable features.

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