It is sometimes necessary to look for a security camera that hides in plain sight. This way, if a criminal somehow manages to get into your home, they won’t know that they are being watched and you will be able to react accordingly. Below, you can read about the top 5 mini security cameras to protect not spy your family.

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1. Conbrov T10W Photo Frame Hidden Camera
Conbrov T10W Photo Frame Hidden Camera is definitely one of the very best of the top 5 mini security cameras. This camera effectively hides in plain sight, works well at night, can be configured to be motion activated, and captures excellent HD video. The camera is integrated into a very normal-looking photo frame.

The camera is put in an unsuspicious, seemingly harmless photo frame. The camera lens is not visible, unless you look closely and intently. So, just hang it on the wall across your front door or main hallway. People will have no idea that the photo frame is there not only to decorate the room, but also to watch over your home.

The camera captures videos in 720p HD. The image quality is decent. It is quite sharp and detailed. The colors are also bright and accurate. The camera adds a stamp of date and time on every clip, so you will never get confused with the timeline. There is an integrated Micro SD slot for storage, but keep in mind that the memory card is sold separately. Later, you can remove the memory card to move important videos to your computer.

Conbrov T10W Photo Frame Hidden Camera is quite advanced. It already has built-in motion detection. You can make it record continuously for up to 30 hours (just make sure that your Micro SD memory card has enough storage for that), or you can make it start recording only when motion is detected. If you don’t move or empty the memory card manually and the storage is full, it will automatically overwrite from the oldest files.

Furthermore, perhaps the coolest thing about Conbrov T10W Photo Frame Hidden Camera is that it works at night without any problem. It has built-in IR lights for night vision. When in darkness, the camera can use its night vision for a maximum range of 25 feet. That’s quite impressive. The only weakness of this camera is that it doesn’t have wireless connectivity, so you can’t monitor your home in real-time from afar.

• 720p HD video resolution
• Excellent night vision performance
• Has built-in motion detection
• Can record continuously for up to 30 hours
• Effectively hides in plain sight

• Doesn’t have any wireless connectivity
• Doesn’t allow you to monitor your home in real-time

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2. Antaivision 960P
The next model in our top 5 mini security cameras is Antaivision 960P. This is an especially great model if you are looking for something that can give you a full 360-degree view of your room. It also hides in plain sight, as the camera is put inside a fully functional ceiling light. Most people won’t look directly towards a lamp!

One of the weaknesses of many security cameras is that they only record footage of the things that are directly in front of them. So, you may be unable to see someone who is hiding behind a cupboard, and other things like that. Antaivision 960P is installed on your ceiling, so it can give you the complete view of the room.

The 360-degree wide-angle HD recording ensures that you can see every corner of your room. The intruder will not suspect that a ceiling light is monitoring their movement. This camera even has night vision, so it can work even in total darkness. It also has motion detection, and you can configure it to record only when motion is detected. The two-way audio will let you hear what is happening and speak through the unit.

Furthermore, Antaivision 960P is a wireless IP camera, which means that it has its own IP address and can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi. You can access the camera remotely from your smartphone in order to see the live view or check previous recordings. Download the AntaiVision mobile app from Google Play.

The disadvantage of this camera is that the installation requires a ceiling-mounted light port. Some rooms may lack it. Also, since you are watching from the top, you may be unable to see the full face of an intruder if he or she isn’t facing the right angle. Hence, you may want to pair this model with another security camera.

• Very good video quality
• Night vision and motion detection
• Has two-way audio
• Built-in Wi-Fi and IP address for remote view
• Hides in plain sight

• Requires a ceiling-mounted light port
• Top view isn’t ideal for revealing the face of the intruder

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3. ALPHA TECH Hidden Camera Charger
If you need a simple, portable, and affordable mini security camera, ALPHA TECH Hidden Camera Charger is an excellent solution for you. You already get a good idea of what it is from its name. It is a hidden camera that is put inside a USB charger. Hence, it is great not only for monitoring your home, but also when you need protection when traveling.

This camera is quite flexible and versatile. You can use it with your home’s Wi-Fi so that you can monitor your room remotely through your smartphone. However, you can also use it without Wi-Fi, and the camera will record footage into a memory card. There is a Micro SD slot just above the wall plugs, and there is also a switch to choose the operation mode. Make sure to read the manual to understand the operation modes.

The video quality is excellent. It records in 1080p Full HD. So, the images are very sharp and detailed. The viewing angle is also pretty good.ALPHA TECH Hidden Camera Charger also supports motion detection and loop recording. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have night vision.

Some people also use this camera to monitor their children. If you use the service of a nanny to take care of your children while you are at work, this camera can help you ensure that your children are truly in safe hands.

Of course, it also serves as a fully functional charger. So, you can use it to charge your smartphone, tablet, or digital camera. To adjust the angle, or if the power outlet is not located in a strategic position, you can use an extension cord, a swiveling wall tap splitter, or a wall tap splitter with spaced outlets.

• Excellent 1080p Full HD video resolution
• Built-in motion detection
• The camera isn’t noticeable
• Doubles as a USB charger

• Doesn’t have night vision
• The Wi-Fi is not reliable
• May require an extension cord or wall tap splitter

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4. MCSTREE Hidden Camera in Clock
This model deserves a spot in our top 5 mini security cameras because it has great features and great video quality, yet with an inexpensive price tag. It is also handy for checking the time, as it comes in a clock.

MCSTREE Hidden Camera in Clock is put inside a digital clock, and the lens is not visible at all from the outside. So, it can also hide in plain sight. Unfortunately, the clock doesn’t have a built-in alarm. The whole thing will be very useful if there is also a built-in alarm. Still, it does its job well.

The camera has a resolution of 1080p Full HD. It is very sharp and crisp, with excellent color quality. It is also effective for monitoring at night, as it has built-in night vision. The night vision performance is fairly good. You can easily distinguish people and objects in the scene, even when the room is in total darkness. Furthermore, the camera has a 140-degree wide-angle lens which allows you to see almost the whole scene in front of the unit.

MCSTREE Hidden Camera in Clock is an IP camera with built-in Wi-Fi, so that it can connect to your home’s wireless network to stream the live recording to your iOS or Android smartphone. The setup process is quite easy and straightforward. In addition, MCSTREE Hidden Camera in Clock has built-in motion detection, so that it can send a notification to your mobile device whenever motion is detected.

You may use the camera without Wi-Fi. There is a Micro SD memory card slot for local storage. By inserting a memory card into the unit, you can make it record into the memory card instead of streaming over Wi-Fi. So, this camera is also a viable option if your home doesn’t have a wireless network.

Another impressive thing about the camera is that it supports up to 4X digital zoom. Unfortunately, the audio quality is not very good. The audio tends to be buzzy. But, this is generally just a minor problem. Also, it doesn’t have a microphone to allow two-way communication.

• 1080p Full HD recording
• Has up to 4X digital zoom
• Good night vision performance and motion detection
• Has Wi-Fi and a Micro SD slot
• Also hides in plain sight

• The audio quality is not very good
• Does not have a microphone for two-way audio

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5. WBESEV Hidden Spy Camera
Having a mini security camera that is hidden inside a common furniture item is great because people won’t know that it is there. However, what if the item is incidentally thrown or also taken by the burglar? If this is what you are worrying about, you may prefer a stand-alone mini security camera which you hide in a safe location.

That’s why WBESEV Hidden Spy Camera is in our top 5 mini security cameras. This is a very small, compact, and lightweight camera which you can easily hide behind a shelf that is full of books or among flowers in a vase. The width is only as large as a quarter, and the camera has a stick which allows versatile positioning.

The camera records in 1080p Full HD at 30fps. The image quality is decent. It also records audio and takes still images. The images are sharp, crisp, and detailed. In addition, the camera has four motion detection zones, and you can adjust the sensitivity level in order to reduce the frequency of false alarms. Unfortunately, there is no night vision.

This is an IP camera, which means that it has its own IP address when connected to your home’s wireless network. As the effect, you can access the camera remotely through your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. There are free mobile apps for iOS and Android mobile devices. You can watch live view and check previously recorded videos through the mobile apps. Also, it can stream the real-time video to multiple devices simultaneously.

Alternatively, it can work with a Micro SD memory card. It supports a maximum capacity of 128GB. It has loop recording, which means that it will erase the oldest files when the storage is full.WBESEV Hidden Spy Camera is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, but if you don’t want to take any risk with the battery life, you can plug it to a power bank or a power outlet so that it can record continuously without interruptions.

• 1080p Full HD recording at 30 fps
• Four motion detection zones
• Very small, compact, and lightweight
• Has built-in Wi-Fi for live view
• Can take a Micro SD memory card of up to 128GB

• Requires careful positioning
• No night vision

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