WYZE Cam 1080p vs Nest Security Camera

Human need to feel secure all the time to let us do and living our daily life in ease moreover with today’s increasing crime rate. To make sure we are always know what happen in our property, we can use security cameras built for safety purpose like WYZE Cam 1080p vs Nest Security Camera. While they are equally useful, like any different products, they may also have different capabilities. To see which one of them fit your preference the most, go check further below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a Security Camera
– What are WYZE Cam 1080p and Nest Security Camera
– What WYZE Cam 1080p and Nest Security Camera Look Like
– How are the Video and Audio Quality of WYZE Cam 1080p and Nest Security Camera
– What else WYZE Cam 1080p and Nest Security Camera can offer to you
– WYZE Cam 1080p vs Nest Security Camera

Home Security Camera
In the past, we are using security cameras only on large establishments where there are so many people involved together such as public places and offices building for security reasons. They are proven to be very useful for many things from keeping an eye on your employee and to monitor several places at once without physically being there. We are also benefit it for a prominent evidence when there is an event such as assault, robbery and many other threatening accident.

The usefulness of security cameras are taken to a step above due to the advanced in technology since as you can see today, people are moving to wireless and be as convenient as ever including with a security cameras. Before, home security systems are expensive which is why not many of us can afford but now, they are getting more and more affordable because unlike then, we are the one in charge of almost everything from the setting up to contacting the law enforcement when there is a dangerous event.

In present day, security cameras have come in many shapes and sizes with wired and wireless connectivity. The latter is gaining so much popularity because with the less complicated setting up, depend on the product type, we can put or install them almost anywhere in our property as well as provide much more convenience for we can access them from almost anywhere as well. This internet-ready security cameras are good for people who spend most of their day working outside the house.

Like any video we can access through the internet, we can view the camera’s footage from almost anywhere as long as there is internet connectivity and device in your hand whether it is a PC or a smartphone. Many cameras with security purpose are also featured with special capabilities such as sensor and night vision to notify you when there is a movement on a space where the camera is working as well as keep taking footage when there is not enough light.

Unlike in the past where we have to provide video tapes to safe footage, small digital cameras today can do it with a smaller memory that can be transferred to your computer for further processing when needed and making it more accessible for more. Read also: Yi 1080p vs 720p Home Camera here.

 WYZE Cam 1080pNest Security Camera
Product Dimensions2.2 x 2 x 2 inches

2.9 x 4.5 x 2.9 inches
Average Install Time3-7 minutes

7-10 Minutes
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About WYZE Cam 1080p
If you need to surveillance your property when away, it is good to start considering a security camera with wireless connectivity. There are so many good options in the market but we should pick the one that comes with all the type of features we want. Among those many good brands and model, WYZE is standing out with their Cam Pan V2 cameras or some people also called as the 1080p model since it has the capability to capture a higher video quality.

People are very interested in this model because of how affordable it is among other huge amount of options out there. Many of us may be very skeptic with cheap products but this one is coming packed with features and not lacking behind the more expensive brands. The disadvantage which recently reported on this model is they somehow keep recording even when shut off and there is also an issue about data safety because the footage can be viewed by other parties.

WYZE Cam 1080p Design
From the outside, WYZE Cam 1080p is designed quite attractively in a small rectangle or box shape with a white, plastic housing. This cameras is actually very similar to those expensive iSmartAlarm from iCamera Keep and iCamera Keep Pro. The leg or stand is fixed on the cube and it is folded when first arrive but we can unfold it very easily. The whole dimension is measures approximately at 5 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches and this model is for indoor only so there is no protection against weather.

WYZE Cam 1080p Audio and Video
Just like the name, this camera is providing a very good and high quality footage with its 1080p resolution so we can clearly see faces and distinguish details that being captured by the cameras. It can be used for entertainment as well to see what our pets are doing within the day when we are away. When we say that WYZE Cam 1080p is a capable camera, we meant it because even while coming in such as affordable price, it is featured with 120-degree viewing angle, 260-degree horizontal panning and 93-degree vertical tilting.

All of this capabilities provide a versatility for the user to reach more in the room where the camera is being placed on thus, we can see pretty much everything in the room from their app. In comparison, even those more expensive Cloud Cam can’t pan or tilt the view due to their fixed-angle lenses. On the audio side, this camera is also capable of 2-way audio sending which mean we can communicate through the unit.

WYZE Cam 1080p Features
A security camera is not complete without the security features and thankfully, WYZE Cam 1080p is also offering much on this side. It is currently capable of sending motion and sound alerts including custom alerts when the camera distinguish a smoke or carbon monoxide in the room through the siren. We can activate or deactivate any of the sensor and alert from the app but since it is quite outdated, we hope to see a more modern interface just to ease the user.

In addition, there is a motion tracking that will require the camera to activate the pan-tilt function so it can follow any motion on the room. However, it is not very good in our opinion since they work slow and better when the object move slowly as well. For those with smart home system, WYZE Cam 1080p can be integrated with both Alexa and IFTTT. For example, we can command Alexa to show video footage from the camera.

About Nest Security Camera
There are so many good options in the market that offer good camera and footage quality but without a high price depend on your taste and preference. If you are looking for an indoor camera to keep an eye of what’s happening inside a room, Nest Security Camera is another high quality option to choose. This model is very popular and often listed among the best indoor cameras by so many people. It is also said to have a very good footage with dependable customer service.

Nest Security Camera Design
Nest Security Camera is supporting a sleek design covering the small lens in a cool, grey metal housing as well as stand. The whole unit is glossy so not that invisible when put in a room and may cause a feeling of being watched. It has a magnetic base, providing stability for the camera with a slim, pivoting leg which is attached to the lens. At the top or the camera, there is a small LED to show when the camera is trying to connect to the network and making sure you know it is active and currently recording.

Nest Security Camera Video and Audio
When tested, the 130-degree view of this camera is sure stunning and with a quality of 1080p, it feels like watching a professional footage. The quality can be reduce to view 720p when the internet connection is slow for higher quality means higher size so when the connection is not good, it can be very annoying yet, in strong mode, the video quality is second to none. Its video is smooth and have no lags with sharp focus as well to see clearly.

In addition, we can make the camera to zoom up to 8x through the app when you need to focus on something and when placed in a corner, it can capture the whole room easily. While the full-screen is nice to view, when streamed from tablet, phone or computer the video somehow become slightly dimmer. On audio, it support talk and listen so we can send and listen to audio being record from where the camera is placed.

Nest Security Camera Features
On the security part, Nest Security Camera especially this indoor model is capable of sending alerts when receiving a sound or motion from where the camera is mounted as well as has been programmed to capture lesser false alarms. Another good feature we love from this model is the integration with third party devices from your smart home system such as when there is motion but resident is away, it will turn on your Philips Hue and trigger SkyBell video doorbell to start recording.

For a safer security system, it is also featured with Protect Carbon-monoxide-and-fire detector thus, if there is smoke inside the home, the camera will automatically record a clip to capture the events and even help you to figure out what is currently happening.

Now, let’s compare WYZE Cam 1080p with Nest Security Camera. As you may already know, the prominent difference between these two is on the video mode because while they are similarly capture 1080p quality, Nest is better at clarity and in 130-degree versus 120-degree in WYZE. However, WYZE is offering tilt and pan feature for more versatility and reach some part you need to see better.

WYZE Cam 1080p vs Nest Security Camera

- 1080p full HD live stream direct to your smartphone day or night with night vision (up to 30 feet away). Works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks (does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi)
- Motion Tagging technology detects and outlines motion in both live stream and playback video modes. Operating system supports ios 8.0 and android 5.0 or later.
- Motion and sound detection with free rolling 14-day cloud storage. Use the Wyze App (iOS and Android) to manage and share multiple cameras. Add a microSD card (up to 32GB max size) for local storage.
- Magnetic base, 6-foot power cable and included adhesive metal plate let you mount your Wyze Cam anywhere - no screws required. Image Sensor Type: CMOS Sensor
- DON'T MISS A THING WITH NEST ALERTS: Whether the kids just came home from school or the dog has decided to eat those new pillows you just bought; the Nest Cam sees it all! Get alerts through your Nest App whenever the camera detects movement and activity. And the coolest part is that the Nest Cam can tell the difference between movement from say a hand getting into a cookie jar, and a person entering a room. Person Alerts and Activity Alerts can help keep your home safe even if you aren't there.
- BE HEARD WITH NEST: Nest Cam Indoor has a built-in speaker and mic, so you can hear what’s happening at home. Or tell the dog to get off the couch. Power- AC adapter input- 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 0.2A. AC adapter output- 5V DC, 1.4A. Camera input- 5V DC, 1.0A
- SET IT UP ANYWHERE: The compact size of the Nest Cam makes installation a breeze. Nest Cam Indoor’s stand works in all kinds of homes, on all types of surfaces. Set it down on something flat, like a table or shelf. The Nest Cam has a built­-in magnet so you can stick it to something metallic. Use the removable wall plate to attach Nest Cam to a wall. Or you can unscrew the camera from the base and attach it to any standard tripod mount.
- WORKS WITH NEST: Nest has worked hard to design thoughtful devices to help keep you safe and secure. Nest devices not only communicate with each other but also with the other smart devices around your home. Your Nest Secure can use your smart light bulbs to help get your attention in the event of an emergency; your smart washer and dryer can take the data from Nest and run the next load of laundry when energy demand is low. Look for the Works with Nest badge and let Nest handle the rest.

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different preference. Due to their price gap, it is understandable that Nest is offering a better video footage but WYZE is not lacking as well beside the privacy issue. If you are here to get a cheap camera for a house surveillance, WYZE Cam 1080p is a nice option to pick.

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