Yi Outdoor Camera vs Reolink 5MP

If you need an outdoor security camera to monitor your home whenever you want, even when you are at the other side of the Earth, you may be interested in Yi Outdoor Camera vs Reolink 5MP. Below, we will take an in-depth look at the comparison between these two outdoor security cameras to help you decide which one to get.

What we will discuss below include:
– The size and weight of each camera
– The comparison of their field of view and image quality
– The connectivity and storage options on each camera
– The additional features of Yi Outdoor Camera vs Reolink 5MP
– Which outdoor security camera that is more recommended for you

Let us begin from the physical aspect of these security cameras. Both cameras here happen to have a similar white finish, and both are waterproof so that they can be installed outdoor without having to worry about rain or snow. Still, the dimensions are different.

Yi Outdoor Camera is a bit fat, but the overall size is still smaller than Reolink 5MP. The camera unit measures 132 mm long and 68 mm wide, whereas the mount diameter is 70 mm. The weight is about 252 grams. The smaller overall size will allow you to install the security camera easily, whether it is on a wall, the corner of the ceiling, or a tree. See also: Yi 1080p vs 720p Home Camera.

The camera looks sleek and elegant. It is small enough to avoid pulling attention, and the clean white finish makes it easy to hide in plain sight. But if you want to actually show the camera to discourage potential trespassers, you can do that as well. The mount is secured by four screws, and the camera is attached to the mount by a solid ring.

Reolink 5MP is comparatively bigger and heavier. It measures 186 mm long and 68 mm wide. It has a weight of approximately 350 grams. The included mount will allow you to install the camera on pretty much any solid surface, but the bulky shape and narrow field of view of the camera may make the placement a bit tricky.

Compared to Yi Outdoor Camera, Reolink 5MP doesn’t look as discreet. One reason for this is the fact that the product’s brand is written in a blue font, in contrast with the white finish. In addition, the lens and IR lights on the front side of the camera are really obvious. The mount is also secured by screws, but the camera is locked or unlocked by twisting a hexagonal screw on the base.

 Yi Outdoor Camera Reolink 5MP
Product Dimensions4.5 x 2.1 x 6.8 inches
3.1 x 1.9 x 2.8 inches
Average Install Time5-9 minutes

2-5 minutes
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Field of View
A notable difference of Yi Outdoor Camera vs Reolink 5MP is the field of view. Usually, wider viewing angles are preferred over the narrower ones. With a wide field of view, you can see more of the surrounding in the scene. A narrow field of view will limit your sight and makes it difficult to cover multiple important spots.

Yi Outdoor Camera offers a major advantage with the 110 degrees wide-angle FoV. Thanks to the wide-angle lens, the camera can easily capture most of your yard in the footage. If you put the camera at an angle, it is possible to keep the front door of your home in sight while also covering the doorstep and perhaps some of the yard as well.

Reolink 5MP is more limited in terms of how much that it can capture in a scene. The horizontal FoV is only 80 degrees, whereas the vertical FoV is only 58 degrees. As the effect, some setups may be difficult to achieve. Unless the camera is put in a straight line with the front door, you may be unable to cover the front door, doorstep, and yard at once.

Image Quality
When choosing a security camera, image quality remains as an important aspect. You don’t really need a full-frame sensor or Ultra HD resolution, but at least the images should be sharp, clear, and recognizable. When there is a trespasser, you want to be able to see their face for identification.

Yi Outdoor Camera has a decent image quality. It captures footage in the 1080p resolution with 20 fps frame rate. The images are quite sharp and detailed. The brightness is good, and there isn’t much noise. The frame rate is rather low, hence resulting in slight stutters on fast movements, but the overall video quality is still good.

The camera is equipped with 12 IR LEDs for night vision. Indeed, the lights aren’t obvious, but they are there. The night vision can provide clear images at night for distances up to 50 feet. When tested, the night images are indeed really sharp and bright enough to allow good visibility.

Reolink 5MP is surprisingly great in terms of image quality. It has a resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels, and it can record at a maximum frame rate of 25 fps. It comes with the 3D DNR noise reduction technology to deliver sharp and clear images. Yi Outdoor Camera vs Reolink 5MP has slightly sharper images but the colors are a little bit off.

Nevertheless, the night vision is good. There are 18 IR LEDs that can provide night vision for up to 100 feet away. When tested, objects at the maximum distance are not really bright, but still visible. The closer ones are bright and easily recognizable.

Connectivity and Power
Perhaps the main consideration when choosing between Yi Outdoor Camera and Reolink 5MP should be the connectivity. Do you need a Wi-Fi camera or an Ethernet camera? Besides that, they also have different powering methods.

Yi Outdoor Camera is a Wi-Fi camera. It is designed to connect to the 2.4 GHz frequency of a wireless router. If you install it at a place that is too far from your router, you may need a repeater in order to connect it. Once connected, you can access the camera remotely via the YI Home Camera mobile app (available for IOS and Android) or the YI PC app (available for Windows and Mac).

Keep in mind that, despite the wireless networking, the camera still requires to be plugged to a power outlet. The included 3-meter cable is quite handy, but if the nearest power outlet is farther than that, you need an extension.

Reolink 5MP is a wired unit. It is a PoE (Power over Ethernet) camera. In other words, it only requires one Ethernet cable, from which it also draws power. The camera supports an Ethernet Cat 6 cable with a maximum length of 330 feet (approximately 100 meters). Alas, the included cable is only 1 meter long. You probably need something longer for an outdoor installation.

The set-up is actually straightforward, but make sure that you read the manual so that you don’t get confused. Once you plug the camera to a PoE injector, you can access the camera remotely via the mobile app, PC client, or web browser.

Both Yi Outdoor Camera vs Reolink 5MP have memory card slots. But only one of them supports cloud storage. You don’t even need to guess which one.

Yi Outdoor Camera comes with free cloud storage on YI Cloud, which will allow you to save clips from the last 7 days. Make sure that you move important clips elsewhere because the cloud storage will be wiped automatically every seven days. Optionally, you may upgrade to one of the premium plans which will allow you to save clips for 15 days or 30 days.

The Yi Outdoor Camera itself has a Micro SD card slot. It supports a maximum capacity of 32 GB. This is handy in case of network failure, as the camera will still continue recording into the memory card even though the Wi-Fi connection is off.

Reolink 5MP doesn’t come with cloud storage. It is possible to upload the clips periodically to a third-party cloud storage service or an FTP server, but the set-up will be quite complicated for the average users. Alternatively, you can purchase the Reolink NVR, which can connect to multiple IP cameras and save their records.

Well, Reolink 5MP does come with a Micro SD card slot which supports a maximum capacity of 64 GB. If you don’t want to purchase the NVR, simply insert a memory card so that you can record footage there.

Other Features
We get a good night vision, mobile apps, and free cloud storage from Yi Outdoor Camera. What else? The camera also has a built-in deterrent alarm which you can set to scare trespassers and squirrels away from your home. In case that you are not at home when a delivery guy reaches your front door, the camera’s two-way audio will be really handy. On the other hand, Reolink 5MP has neither the deterrent alarm nor the two-way audio.

With either camera, you can set it up so that you receive a notification on your mobile phone whenever the camera detects motion. You can adjust the sensitivity so that you won’t get false alerts all the time.

Yi Outdoor Camera vs Reolink 5MP
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These two cameras have different advantages and disadvantages, but Yi Outdoor Camera is generally more recommended. It has a better design, along with a wider field of view so that you can see more of the surrounding scene. The Wi-Fi camera comes with free cloud storage, and additional features like deterrent alarm and two-way audio can be really handy.

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