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In this Zmodo review, you can read about the features and quality of the popular Zmodo Wireless Security Camera. This model is often chosen because of its affordable and budget-friendly price. However, it is already equipped with great features, such as night vision and customizable motion detection, so it really is a good value for the money.

Continue reading below to learn more about:
– The design and build quality of the Zmodo security camera
– The built-in features and capabilities of the unit
– The motion detection performance of the unit
– The video quality of Zmodo Wireless Security Camera
– The smart systems & devices compatible with the Zmodo unit

Let’s begin from the design. Zmodo Wireless Security Camera is shaped like a typical security camera, with an elongated shape and an integrated mount. While the front side has a black finish, the rest of the housing is white. It has a protruding part on its back, which serves as a Wi-Fi antenna. See also: Canary Flex Review.

In a glance, Zmodo Wireless Security Camera looks quite modern and stylish. It is actually not too large or bulky, as it measures only about 3 inches wide and 8.25 inches long. It is also quite lightweight. So, you can install it pretty much wherever you want. You can put it on the wall, on the ceiling, or even on a tree branch.

However, keep in mind that Zmodo Wireless Security Camera requires a power cable and a dedicated power outlet. So, placing it far away from your home will be difficult. Also, while the main unit is completely weatherproof, the power adapter is not. So, you need to make sure that the power cable and the power adapter are protected from environmental factors.

Just like most security cameras nowadays, Zmodo Wireless Security Camera comes with built-in Wi-Fi. It works with the 2.4GHz frequency, but it doesn’t work with the 5GHz frequency. It needs to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network for Internet access, which is for the cloud storage and remote access.

There is no way for saving recordings locally, as all recordings are uploaded and stored in the company’s cloud storage. On the positive side, you don’t need to spend any more money for a memory card or an external hard drive. On the slightly negative side, the security camera won’t be able to save its recordings without an Internet access.

After activating the camera, you get a free 30-day trial for the full 7-day cloud storage service. Afterwards, you need to choose one of the three options. First, the Basic plan is free and stores recordings from the last 36 hours. Second, the 7-Day plan costs 4.99/month or $49.90/year (you get a 50% off for each additional camera). Third, the 30-Day plan costs $9.99/month or $99.90/year (you get a 50% off for each additional camera as well).

The Basic plan is usable. Although the storage duration is restricted, it is enough to let you review your recordings at the end of the day and move important clips to your own storage. The paid plans are relatively inexpensive. Adding more cameras with one of the paid plan becomes less of a problem because you only need to pay half of the price for each additional camera.

The camera itself has nice built-in features. It has night vision which will allow it to operate effectively at night, customizable motion detection, and the ability to work with Alexa. Unfortunately, this camera does not capture any sound. So, if you are looking for a security camera that captures sound, you need to look elsewhere.

Motion Detection
The motion detection on Zmodo Wireless Security Camera is great. Despite the affordable nature of the camera, it already has customizable motion detection. Other cheap models in the market usually only come with bare-bone motion detection or only allow you to adjust the sensitivity levels. Zmodo Wireless Security Camera itself apart by having an adjustable motion detection zone.

Setting a motion detection zone is very useful for reducing false alerts. You can make the camera focus only on the most important area, and ignore the spots where routine activities usually take place. In addition, you can add and switch motion modes to suit different conditions.

Video Quality
So, how good is the video quality of Zmodo Wireless Security Camera? Although it ‘only’ has a resolution of 720p HD, it is already capable of providing sufficiently sharp and detailed images. You easily see people’s facial and physical features in the scene. The color quality is also impressive; the colors are vibrant and accurate.

The night vision performance is especially great. The camera is able to provide clear images in the night vision mode. This is definitely a distinctive advantage over most other cameras in the price range. The night vision can provide clear images of objects up to 65 feet away, which is good enough for most home uses.

Perhaps one minor weakness of this camera is the rather narrow field of view. Zmodo Wireless Security Camera only has a field of view of 81 degrees. So, the coverage is limited, and you need to position the camera wisely in order to fit all of the important spots into the scene.

Zmodo Wireless Security Camera is compatible with Alexa. So, if you use the Alexa service, you will be able to control it via voice commands once it is connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network. This is definitely very convenient for people who use Alexa, as you won’t need to take out your smartphone just for turning the camera on or off.

Unfortunately, Zmodo Wireless Security Camera is not compatible with Google Home. It is also currently incompatible with most smart home systems like Samsung SmartThings and IFTTT. So, this camera is not recommended if you want to build a comprehensive smart home system with smart security cameras and other devices.

- Works with Alexa: Zmodo Wireless Outdoor Camera is compatible with Echo Show for voice control. (Alexa device sold separately). Please check and update your product to the latest device version in order for it to interact with Amazon Alexa.

Zmodo Wireless Security Camera is a good affordable model with nice features. It is definitely a good value for the money, as it already has decent image quality, reliable night vision, and customizable motion detection. It can even work with Alexa. It is recommended if you have a very limited budget. However, the lack of audio and support for other smart devices may make you want to find a better model if you are willing to spend some more money.

Zmodo Review: Specifications
Lens: 2.8mm
Field of view: 81 degrees
Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels
Night Vision Range: up to 65ft
Connectivity: 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Network
Data Encryption: AES 256-bit
Platform: Android 4.0 (or higher)/iOS 7.0 (or higher)

Zmodo Review: Pros
– Decent image quality
– Very good night vision performance
– Already has customizable motion detection zones
– Can work with Alexa
– Quite inexpensive

Zmodo Review: Price
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