Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA vs Ring WiFi

Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA vs Ring WiFi are popular choices when it comes to home monitoring and security. However, they have very different designs and features. Read the comparison below to find out which one that is the most suitable for you.

The discussion below will explain about:
– The included items and accessories on each model
– The comparison of their design, build quality, and durability
– The features of Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA vs Ring WiFi
– The comparison of the image quality and audio
– Which security camera that is generally more recommended

Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA: What’s Included?
First of all, Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA is not weatherproof. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t install it on your front door or patio, but you should make sure that the camera won’t get into direct contact with the elements. As long as there is a roof above the camera, it should be able to work and last. See also: Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA vs Arlo Pro

The box includes a mounting kit, so you don’t need to worry about finding a compatible bracket or screws. The following items are included inside the box:
• The Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA camera
• A power cord
• An AC power adapter
• A wall mounting base
• Several screws for the wall mounting base

Design-wise, Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA vs Ring WiFi are indeed very different. Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA is a camera unit that is designed to be mounted on a wall or ceiling, whereas Ring WiFi is a camera that is put on a doorbell.

Nevertheless, Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA is very easy to install. The whole process doesn’t take any longer than 15 minutes. Even the average joe can install the unit and get it running without much of a problem.

You simply connect the camera with the power cord and power adapter, then plug it to a power outlet. Turn it on and connect it to the WiFi network in your home. Next, you need to download and install the Zsight mobile app on an Android or IOS device, create an account or log-in if you already have one, and scan the QR code on the back of the camera in order to adjust and access it remotely.

Alternatively, you can also use a desktop PC or laptop to monitor your home. You can do this by using the Zviewer app.

If you haven’t noticed about it yet, note that Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA doesn’t actually work with the Z-Wave. Some people mistakenly think that this camera uses the Z-Wave, due to the “Z” in the product’s name. This camera uses WiFi, just like most other wireless security cameras nowadays.

 Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WARing WiFi
Product Dimensions4.5 x 2.1 x 6.8 inches
12.6 x 15.8 x 1.9 inches
Average Install Time3-7 minutes

5-7 minutes
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA: Features and Capabilities
Both Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA vs Ring WiFi are designed to enable live streaming to mobile devices. Once the camera is connected to the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, you can monitor your home whenever you want from any place in the world – as long as you have Internet access, of course. You can also set the camera to send an alert whenever it detects a motion.

Thanks to the motion sensor and two-way audio, Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA can be a versatile device. In addition to being a security camera, it can also function as a baby monitor. By enabling the motion detection, the camera will tell you when your baby is waking up or something is going on. You can also communicate with your child through the two-way audio.

The Zsight mobile app is free to download, and there is a free basic plan for the cloud storage if you don’t want to spend any more money. The user interface is intuitive and easy to understand. Connecting a new camera unit and configuring the settings are simple and straightforward. The mobile app will allow you to set the video quality, capture snapshots, record videos, and perform two-way communication.

The free basic plan allows you to save videos for up to 36 hours. There should be enough time for you to copy important clips to your Google Drive or Dropbox account. However, if you need a longer cloud storage duration, you can upgrade to one of the premium plans, which offer 7-day and 30-day cloud storage.

Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA: Image and Audio Quality
So, how is the performance of Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA vs Ring WiFi? Well, both of these cameras have a maximum resolution of 720p HD. They both are able to provide clear images. They both also have night vision. However, the image sharpness and the night vision range of Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA are inferior.

The frame rate is actually pretty good. It is about 25 fps, and it can already make most movements look smooth without being choppy. However, people who are running fast will appear a bit blurry.

Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA has built-in infrared LEDs to enable night vision. However, in use, the night vision range is rather limited. You can still see clear objects up to 16 feet away, but things will be too dark past that.

Another weakness is the audio volume. It is a little bit too low. As the effect, you won’t be able to hear people if they are not shouting or at least speaking loudly.

Ring WiFi: What’s Included?
Ring WiFi will impress you right away with the full selection of mounting accessories. In addition to the regular screws and Rawlplugs, you also get a mini spirit level, a screwdriver with two ends, and even a masonry drill bit of the right size.

So, the only tool that you need to have in order to install the unit is a drill. The included mounting accessories could make a major difference for people who don’t have a well-stocked toolbox.

The installation process is pretty straightforward. If you already have an existing powered doorbell with a standard 8-24VAC power supply, you only need to remove the old bell button and replace it with Ring WiFi.

Alternatively, you can install a doorbell transformer in order to power the unit continuously. Or, you can run Ring WiFi on the battery and recharge it once a month (it recharges through a microUSB port).

The company claims that Ring WiFi is weatherproof. It is able to withstand snow, rain, heat, and wind, even though the specific IP rating is not mentioned. It apparently will still break on a heavy blow, but it should be able to resist most weather conditions.

Placing a security camera on your doorbell can be quite risky. Someone with a covered face can easily take down the unit and steal it. Fortunately, the company says that they will provide a free replacement if you submit a police report in case of a theft. In addition, the latest firmware updates have improved the security so that a criminal won’t be able to hack your system through the stolen unit.

Ring WiFi: Features and Capabilities
Ring WiFi shoots at 720p HD with a frame rate of 15 fps. Of course, there are security cameras out there with higher resolution and frame rate (for example, Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Ring Video Doorbell Pro shoot at 1080p Full HD), but Ring WiFi is already good enough for monitoring and surveillance.

One cool feature of Ring WiFi is the ultra-wide lens. It has 180 degrees horizontal field of view and 140 degrees vertical field of view. The footage has a fish-eye effect, but it captures everything in front of the camera. It can cover your entire yard and doorstep.

Above the lens, there are several infrared LEDs for night vision, whereas below the lens is the only button of the unit. Around the button, there is a ring of blue light which will indicate the device’s status. When the button is pressed, the Ring WiFi device will chime (or your existing doorbell will, if you simply install it by replacing the existing doorbell’s button).

After downloading and installing the Ring mobile app, you need to sign-up for the Ring service or log-in if you already have an account. Then, you need to connect the Ring WiFi device by using its built-in WiFi signal. Afterwards, you can configure the settings and get it running.

Ring WiFi is very easy to use. The mobile app is simple and intuitive, and some of the process when adding a new device to your account has been automated. As the effect, the set-up is very quick.

Ring WiFi: Image and Audio Quality
The motion detection is optional. You can set the unit to send a notification to your mobile device when the button is pressed, or when it detects a motion. Then, the two-way audio will allow you to communicate with your guest from any location in the world, as long as you have a working Internet access.

The image quality is good. The frame rate is rather low, but it can still give clear images overall. The camera is also able to judge exposure very well, hence providing good detail on close-up subjects.

Unfortunately, the free Ring service is very limited. It will only allow live video and motion alerts, without the ability to record videos. In order to enable video recording, you need to subscribe to the Protect Basic plan, which will keep videos for up to 60 days for a single device. Alternatively, you may subscribe to the Protect Plus plan, which also enables video recording with 60-day cloud storage and professional 24/7 monitoring.

Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA vs Ring WiFi

- 720p HD Non-Stop Monitoring - See crystal clear and detailed images of your home anywhere and anytime. You can turn on, off, or adjust the sensitivity of your night-vision so that you can obtain the perfect picture of your home, day or night.
- Easy and Quick Setup - Turn on the camera and complete the network configuration in just minutes. Connectivity: IP/Network-2.4GHz Wireless (Incompatible with 5GHz).
- Receive alerts on your phone - Receive an alert and a short video clip whenever motion is detected. Easily toggle alert schedules to determine when you want to receive alerts, customize motion detection zones, and more.
- Lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet and PC
- Sends alerts as soon as motion is detected or when visitors press the Doorbell
- Works with Alexa to illuminate and send announcements to Echo devices when your doorbell is pressed or motion is detected. You can also see, hear, and talk to visitors through Echo Show or Echo Spot.

In general, Ring WiFi is more recommended. It has a durable weatherproof housing, so it can withstand most weather conditions. It also has excellent functionality. It can double as a doorbell and a security camera. The field of view is very wide, hence allowing you to cover the entire front yard. The image quality and audio quality are good.

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